Fall Pilot Season: Privileged

by Lauren Gitlin September 10, 2008
Privileged Premiere

Next thing you know there's an exterior shot of a plane and some landscape footage of stretches of be-mansioned beach. I guess this means Megan decided to fly to Palm Beach for this mysterious interview the very same day, sight-unseen, having no more information about the job she's applying for than we do. That's realistic! Her limo (!) pulls up to a schmancy-ass hacienda-style mansion and Megan enters a marbled, chandelier-strewn foyer to be met by a lady coming down the stairs who introduces herself as the mistress of the house, Laurel Limoges. Outside on the sprawling expanse of oceanfront lawn, they discuss all the major plot points: Laurel was widowed and left in charge of her husband's cosmetic company, which she subsequently turned into an empire. Her daughter and daughter's husband were killed in a plane crash and left two grandchildren, Rose and Sage, in her care. Hard knocks, man! At this point, some servant lady comes up to inform Laurel that there's an urgent call from France, and from the conversation that ensues, we find that she is, in addition to being head of a cosmetics empire, an art collector and the head of some sort of charitable organization or other. In sum, your run-of-the-mill socialite.

After ending her call, Laurel explains that the job she has in mind for Megan is a tutor for her two teenaged granddaughters, whose grades are total crap. Megan protests that she's a writer not a tutor! My ass you are. Laurel mentions that being that Megan's a Yale grad -- nice exposition again -- she's uniquely academically qualified, and that since the girls will be in school during the day, she'll have the days free to write. She'll also be receiving $1500 a week as compensation as well as use of the car, not to mention lodging. Needless to say, she's game.

Now it's time to meet the girls! We see Megan outside what appears to be the girls' bedroom door. She knocks tentatively and then peaks her head in. We see two large beds side by side. One is occupied by a girl sound asleep wearing a sleeping mask. The other bed appears to be empty. Megan bids the room's occupants good morning and at once someone stirs from the seemingly empty bed. It's another be-masked girl, who without taking the mask off to see who's interrupted her slumber, takes aim with a taser and shoots Megan, who immediately falls to the ground in convulsions. If I had a nickel for every time I could've used one of those handy taser guns ... The girl in the other bed takes off her mask to see what's happened and cries, "Sage get up I think you just tasered our tutor!" Ok, so you must be Rose then. And with that we go to commercial.

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