Fall Pilot Season: Privileged

by Lauren Gitlin September 10, 2008
Privileged Premiere

Later that night, Megan's sitting at a beach-side bar with Charlie talking about what a bitch Sage is. Then she says she has sympathy for the girls, she understands how hard it is to grow up with out a mom considering her mom left when she was seven. Charlie's like, don't worry about trying to save these girls. Just get them to do their homework, get your writing done and collect a paycheck. Of course, she insists that she sees it as her duty to help them because she doesn't think anyone really cares about them. Classic poor little rich girl bullpoo. Charlie questions her motives, saying that it's ok if she's just using them for their connections. She insists she's not and then starts getting weepy about how her plan for her life fell apart and she's just trying to hold it together.

A slutty-looking waitress comes up and asks Charlie if he's gonna go see Fergie next week when he's in town. He's all "Maybe." Umm, how many straight dudes do you know who would be stoked about going to see Fergie in concert? Megan teases him, asking since when does he have moves? She observes that everyone seems to change but her. Charlie insists that she's changed quite a bit -- she used to be super-focused and motivated, and now she's all over the place. She asks if that's a good or a bad thing, and he tells her it's both. Wow, deep!

Megan returns to the house and finds Rose waiting for her in her bedroom. She thanks her for stepping in at the photo shoot. Megan observes that it seems like Rose is always caving to Sage's demands and asks why she's afraid to stand up for herself. Rose rather profoundly explains that it's not so much that she's afraid of her as much as she doesn't want her to be sad. "Because if I told her I didn't want to do what she wants to do, she'd feel like I was judging her." Megan asks, "But what do you want to do?" Rose replies that she wants to get into Duke to make her mom proud. Someone's got issues with approval seeking! Then she reveals that she finished The Great Gastby and was struck by how Gatsby just left Daisy. "How Does someone walk away from the person you love?" she asks rhetorically.

Alas, Megan takes it as an actual question and replies, "I did it to my sister." Rose is all, I don't blame you! She stole your boyfriend. Megan allows that perhaps Lily only did it to get back at her for leaving her alone with their sad drunk of a dad. Then she asks Rose whether Rose would go to Duke if she got in and Sage didn't. Rose thinks a minute and then goes, "Just get us both in please!"

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