Fall Pilot Season: Privileged

by Lauren Gitlin September 10, 2008
Privileged Premiere

They're interrupted by some butler dude, who says that Laurel wants to see Megan in the study. She follows him there and sees that both Laurel and Sage are waiting for her. As she enters, Sage spits "You're totally fired!" Megan looks stricken, then looks at Laurel and giggles, saying that that scared her for a second. Laurel assures her that she is, in fact, fired, but chides Sage for her sensitivity in breaking the news. Laurel goes on to explain that Sage had wanted to work with Megan tonight, and she was no where to be seen (because she was out gettin' trashed on the beach with her friend, yo!) Megan stammers and Laurel cuts her off, stating that it's simply not a good fit, and informing her that her flight leaves tomorrow. You're on the next flight out tomorrow.

At this point, Megan rallies and affects an "I'm feisty and I'm gonna tell it like it is, consequences be damned!" saying that she sees exactly what's going on: Sage didn't get her way at the photo shoot, so now she's manipulating the situation to punish her. She turns to Sage and says that if she is really running the show like she thinks she is, she should consider what it will do to her sister. Umm, what? "With great power comes great responsibility. Shout out to Uncle Ben." She continues by telling Sage that the wasted heiress thing is really played out. Oh snap! As she turns to leave, she explains that Uncle Ben is Spiderman's uncle, not hers. Thanks, we got it!

The next morning, Megan enters the kitchen and informs Marco that she's been fired. He tells her that her flight's been cancelled but her hair appointment is in a couple of hours -- she's going to the ball! Megan insists that Laurel fired her last night. As Marco approaches her and mindlessly starts dabbing her face with under-eye cream, he explains, "And you were rehired this morning. Laurel wants you to go to fundraiser so you can keep an eye on the girls."

With this new bit of information, Megan storms into library to ask Laurel what the hell is going on. Shockingly, Laurel says she was impressed at how she handled Sage the night before. Because not only is it always advisable to give your employer and your employer's progeny a dressing down within the first 36 hours on the job to prove your mettle, it will be handsomely rewarded. That's sarcasm, folks. Don't try this at home. Megan says she doesn't want to work in a place where she's worried she'll be fired every time she tells Sage to do her homework. Laurel says that's fair, which is why she's drawn up a contract stating that, among other things, she can't be fired for at least six months. "They need you, Megan. You can make a difference in their lives. I'll make it worth it for you ....What is that goop on your face?"

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