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Brotherly Lust

Metropolis at night. Papa Luthor busts in through an office door. He sees Lucas sitting at a desk and Lex tied up. Lex says this is exactly what Papa Luthor wanted -- to pit his sons against each other. Lucas stands up and points a gun at Papa Luthor. Papa tells Lucas to put the gun down. Lucas points the gun at Lex's neck. "How do you know he's got a gun?" Lex asks. Again, I'm amazed Lex didn't figure out the fake blindness thing any sooner than when Lucas must have told him. Lucas raises his considerable eyebrows in the direction of Papa Luthor. Papa Luthor takes off his sunglasses. "You twisted, sick son of a bitch!" Lex yells, and struggles against his constraints. Lucas says that he was told to finish what he started and that as long as Lex is around, he'll always fight for a place in the family. "Lucas. You are not going to shoot your brother," Papa Luthor says, calmly. Lucas pulls out another gun and says that Papa's right. "You are," Lucas says, and hands Papa Luthor the second pistol. Lucas points his own gun at Papa Luthor's head. For once, Papa Luthor is agape.

Commercials. Somehow, Carrot Top is turning into a woman. And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.

Back to Greek Tragedy Central. Papa Luthor asks what Lucas stands to gain. Lex says that once he and his dad are out of the picture, Lucas gains control of the company.

Clark in the hallway. He does his x-ray vision thing and sees three skeletons. Two of them standing, one sexy one in a chair. Guns are pointed. Clark looks around trying to figure out what to do. Can't he just bust through the door? I guess that would be too conspicuous. Instead he goes all Metal Gear Solid and goes up through an air vent.

Lex is antagonizing Lucas. He blames Papa Luthor for making sure that Lucas never got adopted and for always bailing him out from afar when things went wrong in his life. Papa Luthor says that Lex isn't helping. Lex says they're a social experiment: one son got everything, the other got nothing. Papa Luthor says he'd never do such a thing. I think we can all agree that he totally would, and would sell the broadcast rights to Fox. Lex says that Papa Luthor paid Dirk the shooter, and that Edge City was just a set-up. "Shut up!" Lucas says. Lex apologizes for using Lucas, but says that trying to earn Papa Luthor's love and respect isn't worth it. No matter how magnificent those things may seem. Lucas freaks out and asks if this is true. He says they can talk about it after Papa Luthor shoots Lex.

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