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Brotherly Lust

Luthor mansion. Inside, Lucas is playing some hack-and-slash dungeon game on a huge, flat-panel, widescreen TV. I nearly short out my laptop with all this consumer electronics covetous drool. Papa Luthor enters the room. The game music is really loud. "We've got to talk," Papa Luthor says, and clumsily bumps into a corner of the TV set. Papa Luthor, holding a contract, complains that Lucas hasn't signed over his LuthorCorp shares yet. Lucas keeps playing and says nothing. Papa Luthor asks him to turn that dad-gum racket off. Lucas examines the situation. He says he tricked Lex and went along with Papa Luthor's plan and is going to be offered $10 million to walk away. Papa Luthor chuckles and says it's a little more lucrative than Lucas's card scams. Lucas says that the deal sounded really good until he found out what a Luthor is worth these days. He pulls a purple folder off a desk and says he went through the company financials and figured he's worth five times what he's being paid, and that's only taking into account what Papa Luthor reports to the IRS. "Don't be getting delusions of grandeur, m'boy," Papa Luthor purrs. Lucas asks why Papa Luthor didn't try to find him before he was twelve. That throws Papa for a loop, but he gets back on track quickly. "Because your mother lied to me," he lies. He says he was told Lucas died as a baby. "But I'm still not worth your time," Lucas says. It doesn't come across as self-pitying the way it does when Lex tells these stories. Papa Luthor says that he took care of Lucas the best way he knew how. Lucas says that's at arm's length, with a checkbook.

Lucas shoots a racked set of balls on the pool table. Papa Luthor lays the contract on the table and says it's time for Lucas to live up to their agreement. He says "please" a few times. Lucas signs the words, "BITE ME." Papa Luthor twitches. "You might want to, uh, have your lawyers look over that," Lucas says, to the seemingly blind man. Papa Luthor, unable to hide his disappointment, says he trusts everything is in order. As Papa Luthor exits, Lucas picks up the 8 ball from the pool table and calls out, "Dad." He flings the 8 ball hard at Papa Luthor's magnificent mane. Papa Luthor screams and ducks. The ball smashes through some red stained glass. Faker! Papa Luthor says he could have been killed. Lucas calls that bluff. He says when a blind man pours a drink, he keeps his finger on the inside of the glass to see when it's full. Lucas says that just now, Papa Luthor couldn't hide his reaction to the lack of a signature. Why didn't Lex figure all this out ages ago? Lucas takes his father's sunglasses off the man's face. Papa Luthor focuses his eyes hatefully on his son. Papa Luthor asks what he wants. "Lex is the past. I am the future," Lucas says cryptically.

Talon. Clark walks in and says he got a message from Lana. Lana says she wanted Clark to know she filled her part-time position. All disappointed, Clark says, "Great." Lana congratulates Clark on getting the job. He asks what changed her mind. She says it was a glowing recommendation from the editor of The Torch. Clark asks if Lana is sure. She says no, but she remembers that Lex took a chance on her when she opened the place. She says we all need someone to take a chance on us. Especially if we're in ABBA. Lana asks when Clark can start. "Don't you think you should check with the boss first?" asks a certain cocky, bushy-eyebrowed upstart as he comes in out of nowhere. Clark introduces Lucas to Lana. Lana says she didn't know Lex had a brother. Lucas says he wasn't exactly on Lex's Christmas-card list. Lucas says he likes the whole "Egyptian-slash-Assyrian vibe." You're the ASSyrian. Lucas says that Lana must have put a lot of work into The Talon. She says that she and Lex both did. Lucas says that Lex isn't exactly in the picture anymore. He's been Photoshopped out. Clark fills Lana in on Lex's homeless situation. Lucas asks how Lex is doing down on the farm. This is where Clark is supposed to punch him into next year's midseason line-up. Clark says that Lex is a survivor. He'll never give up. He's not gonna stop. He's gonna work harder. Lucas says he hopes so, because anything Lex had is now his. Including The Talon. Lana says that Lex wasn't her boss, he was her partner. "Mm. Even better," Lucas says. And you, Clark? What kind of partner were you to Lex? Clark and Lana really don't like this guy.

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