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Heidi reminds Logan that his outfit was poorly constructed, unflattering, and ill fitting and Epperson that he didn't understand the parameters of the challenge. After some tension-building drum beats Logan's name is called. He is safe. He hugs Epperson, thanks the judges and marches backstage to punch Christopher in the nads. Heidi points out the obvious: Epperson is out. For failure to transform. I am in shock. Christopher's dress was a travesty in silver and is it really better to transform something into a tin foil ball of ugly than to leave perhaps a touch too much white fabric? I say nay. And with that, the last minority candidate for the crown of winner of Project Runway heads upstairs to clean up his space. As he says his farewells, he tells the camera that he feels like he won. Will someone else break it to him that he didn't? I just don't have the heart.

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Project Runway




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