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Eight hours until the end of day and everyone is going full tilt. Dr. Tim comes in to do his rounds. First stop? Christopher. First word? Worried. Christopher tries to put Tim's fears at ease. He swears that the simple and chic dyed-black shift dress currently on the dress form is going to be entirely hidden from view so no one will ever know that he even created something so sleek and sophisticated. Not when there's yards of a shiny, silvery, and sheer shower curtain lying around and some awesome floral lace that looks like wrought iron to cinch it all in. Seriously, Tim, no cause for alarm there. Tim brushes past the tacky mess and heads to Irina. She has died her fabric taupe and is aiming for a short kimono style dress, which doesn't look half bad. If Irina wins again, I think her head might get so big she will topple over. Ooh Project Runway bobble head dolls; who wants one? [There are Tim Gunn bobble heads, that are so adorable, but contestants with big heads would be far more apropos. - Angel] Epperson's outfit consists of a black and white dress with a jacket that Tim compares to a lab coat. Tim suavely tells Epperson he has a lot of decisions to make. Logan is next on the agenda and Tim does not like what he sees on the table. Logan swears that his model only wants pants and he is just giving her what she wants. That's what nice boys do, Tim. Tim manages to refrain from throwing himself across the table and begging Logan to stop the insanity and make an adorable frock instead so he can stay on the show and everyone can ogle him. Gordana has taken out all of her aggression on her dress. The resulting shreds have been stitched back together into a mummy-ish mini dress. But in a good way. Like if Hilary Duff was going to a Halloween party dressed as a mummy, but still wanted everyone to know that despite her formative Disney years, she puts out faster than Jamie-Lynn Spears, she would wear this. It's the perfect slutty mummy dress. Tim thinks it is beautiful. He moves on to poor, poor Shirin who has managed to cut the dress short and stuffed two peacock feathers in the d├ęcolletage, but that's all she's been able to muster. She moans to Tim that her client wanted something shorter, strapless, with peacock feathers and a matching headdress. Her woes are the fodder of giggle fests for Nicholas and Christopher who have nice normal clients who don't use Cher as a fashion icon. Did I mention it was "Half-Breed" that was the intended inspiration? Not even classic attire like "If I Could Turn Back Time". Say what you want about Cher's outfit in that video, it got her point across to those 900 sailors. Shirin breaks down in tears forcing Tim to give her a rather avuncular pat on the back. He recommends that she take everything off, lay it out on the table, and just play with it. As Tim leaves, he offers the group at large a word of caution that is clearly intended for Epperson and Logan: he reminds them that the wedding dress is meant to be the core of the design. Epperson's palm meets his forehead and he starts to redesign his look. Logan just can't give up his pants and sallies forth. Tim sends in the models for a fitting. Obviously Shirin's model is not thrilled with the simple dress Shirin has made, which is about as far as one can get from "Half-Breed" as one get without using aluminum foil.

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