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I Don't Wanna Grow Up... To Wear That
em. He tells us that, as he hauls ass, he's not finding what he needs. Tim gives the one-minute warning, while looking down at the dog. So, I think maybe Tim doesn't like dogs? That's unacceptable. Seth Aaron finally finds what he needs in the wool knits. He collapses on the floor of Mood for dramatic effect. He tells us that it is now up to him to deliver his vision.

Back at Parsons, Jesse discovers the joys of working with kids. He says that draping is a lot easier when there's no shape to the dress form. Emilio mentions to himself that there appears to be a lot of black fabric in the room. Jay answers him in an interview. He says that children now are really fashion-forward, "especially" at the age of 8. Apparently, at 8 you start wanting sophisticated clothing. Perhaps Jay is aware of some sort of study that I know nothing about. He tells us that he's going for a plum look trimmed with navy blue.

In the sewing room, Jesse tells Jonathan that his life would be easier if he bought fabric instead of making it. We see him sewing yellow strips onto white fabric to create a print. Jonathan replies in a stern German accent that he will not be limited by what the fabric store sells. He interviews that he's going to make a dress with a short bolero. On the bolero will be strips of organdy. He says that he thinks Michael Kors will like it, then he does a few quick impressions of Kors. "She looks like a waitress at Benihana!" "It's like Memoirs of a Geisha met Barney!" The other designers seem to get a kick out of this. Jonathan says that his look will be fun and stylish.

With 5 hours remaining in the day, we hear from Mila. She says that, since she enjoys color blocking, she will make a '60s-ish a-line dress. Emilio cracks, "Color blocking, imagine that." Mila reminisces about when everyone hated her -- we see shots of her telling everybody to stay away from her sewing machine and that time when no one was happy that she was in the top 2. She says that now that she's centered, she's getting along much better with the other designers. We see her laugh with Anthony. That's nice! She jokes, "Add some color blocking to your life!" and Anthony says that could be a sermon.

Janeane tells us that her design is very simple. She remembers back to a time when her sister wore a red jumper in a school pageant. Janeane was jealous of that jumper and today she is going to make one. NEVER AGAIN. That's what Janeane is screaming inside right now. If there were a shower wall nearby, she'd be sliding down it, crying, grateful that no one could see how much snot was involved with her sobbing, this being a shower and the water sort of dissolving the snot. So, yeah, a jumper. She notices that the other designers are making really complicated stuff, but she thinks they are forgetting that a little girl should want to wear it. Because little girls don't like anything that is complicated or overly designed. They're practically Quakers, the little girls.

Now, it's time for Passive-Aggressive Hour brought to you by the fine folks at No, It Looks Really Good And This Smile Isn't Fake.. Jesse tells Seth Aaron, who is at his dress form working on his hoodie, that his model is going to be a badass. Emilio says that Seth Aaron's model will be able to kick the ass of his model. Seth Aaron says that he's making what little girls like, but Emilio says that he prefers the traditional. Seth Aaron says that kids like to be interested in what they're wearing. Good point. He says the clothes should be fun. Emilio says to himself, "If I get eliminated because of a kid...." Jesse agrees.

With 2 hours remaining in the day, Mila points out that they have not seen Tim for consultation. She wonders if a twist is going to be added to the challenge. At the end of the day, Janeane is worried. She says that she feels her design isn't innovative, but she hopes that the judges recognize that it is appropriate for children.

The next day, as the boys prepare themselves for the day, Emilio remarks that Jonathan's hair has gotten big. "Go big or go home," he replies. Emilio is nervous about being eliminated and they try to reassure him. Janeane is still worried. She makes a phone call to her husband, Jordan, and talks in the highest voice ever. She tells him that she loves him and wishes she were with him. She interviews that being away from her husband is really difficult. As she's struggling in the competition, she would really enjoy an embrace from him tout de suite.

At the workroom, Tim greets everyone and tells them that he has a nice surprise for them. Emilio interviews that when Tim says that, along with his wicked smile and twinkly eyes, you know there's trouble. He says that their looks will not be walking the runway today. "Really?!" Jesse says in a high-pitched, slightly mocking tone. Tim laughs and confirms. The looks will be walking the runway the next day, along with a corresponding look for their regular models. Everyone groans but Tim says that it's a great challenge. He warns them that they aren't supposed to just make a big version of their kid looks. They need to reconceive the look. The will go to Mood after 15 minutes for sketching and they will each have a $100 budget. Also, the winner of the challenge will have immunity for the next challenge. When he leaves, Jonathan says either "Shadamn" or "Je'Damn," both oddly funny.

Emilio feels like he's screwed trying to translate his little pink girl dress for his sexy tall model. Janeane says she's excited to have a chance to create something a little more elaborate. Seth Aaron feels like he put everything he likes into the child look, so translating it won't be that difficult. The dog is still at Mood. Jay says that he thinks the companion piece needs to be in the same season as the child look.

Back at the workroom, Jesse says that he feels like this challenge is really difficult because he put so much thought into the first look. "You want even more genius?" he jokes. Yes, and we'd like it shirtless sweet Jesus how many times do we have to ask. Jesse is every boy you loved and hated at the same time. He's that guy. You're like, "He can't be that nasty because look at that beautiful face." Forget the face. I've said too much. Amy says that she has a bunch of colors that she wants to work with for a graphic element, but she's unsure of how it will all come together.

Everyone is working quietly when Anthony pipes up. He giggles that his feet hurt and he feels like he's been working in the chicken shack. No one responds. He tells this story about his mother coughing loudly in church. Emilio interviews that Anthony loves to tell a tale. Everyone seems amused though tired. Finally, Mila says that Anthony made her forget her measurement. He apologizes and says that he'll be quiet. Seth Aaron replies, "Yeah, right." Did the producers forget that they already had the "Designer Who Talks Too Much" segment starring Seth Aaron? Well, Anthony takes that as a challenge. He takes bets for how long he can be quiet. He covers his mouth with muslin as incentive and the other designers fashioned a mouth on top of the muslin. He made it to 15 minutes. He laughs that you can get a lot done when you shut up, so he's going to continue not talking to them.

Tim enters and tells everyone that he's not there to fuck their worlds. He's just looking at their work. He starts with Jonathan and says that he loves what he has done. He believes that Jonathan's looks will grab attention. Tim warns Janeane that she's using Halloween colors, which surprises her because she hates Halloween. Amy tells Tim that she's going to use the petal shapes that she used for her little girl skirt to make loose-fitting pants. Tim says that she will either stop the show or join the circus. She says that she's aware that she's taking a risk and Tim says that he's glad to see it. It's better than playing it safe. I agree, though, to hearken back to my earlier point, when someone takes a risk that fails, they usually say something about losing their vision, right? I just wish they wo

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