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I Don't Wanna Grow Up... To Wear That

Here we have Maya's stuff. I don't really like her use of color ever. It's very The Limited circa 1992, yes? Lots of chartreuse knits and mustard yellow. She made sort of mini/maxi versions of a yellow jacket and black pants. She's really happy with it.

Next, we have Mila's looks. She has the little girl's a-line dress, paired with the model's white and black a-line coat. I think it's a pretty cool combo and I like her idea for how it's a companion piece. She thinks that the combo looks adorable.

Emilio's look is next. He has a very traditional pink little girl's dress. It almost resembles a really large christening gown. His model is wearing a brighter pink fitted knit dress with cap sleeves. She looks gorgeous. He thinks that his little girl is cute and that his model looks like a "well-kept" young mother. How modern. Whatever, I totally wish I were a well-kept mother of any age. I just wanna be kept. Mamma.

Following that is Janeane's look. Meh. For the little girl, it's a long orange top over black and white tights. The companion piece is black pants and a black and white sleeveless top, with a shapeless orange jacket over it. Oh, Janeane, you really did need that embrace from your husband. This is just a mess. I don't even believe her when she says that it looks nice.

Finally, we have Jay's looks. The little girl is wearing a plum and navy dress, with lots of little detailing that was flying past my screen. The model is in a plum sleeveless tank top with tons of pleating at the waist. He paired that with some super-fitted black pants. Jay says that he'd better win!

After the show, Heidi calls Jay, Amy, Jonathan, Seth Aaron, Jesse, and Janeane. The others have made it to the next challenge. Jonathan, Amy, and Janeane have the lowest scores. Fuck that noise -- I really liked what Jonathan and Amy did.

The losers leave the stage, while the winners get a talk. Jesse says that he skewed the a-line on his little girl dress for interest. Heidi says that she would have preferred the dress being straight. Michael likes the tailoring. Tory likes gray for little girls. Nina thinks that the little girl (who says that she likes her outfit) looks adorable, as well as the model.

Seth Aaron says that he tried to make his girl outfit comfortable. The little girl tells Heidi she likes what she's wearing, especially the purse. Michael thinks that the model's jacket is the best tailored object this season! Tory thinks that the little girl outfit is really original.

Heidi thinks that Jay really thought about his design. Michael finds both outfits chic, as does Tory. Nina thinks both looks are modern, urban and cool. Heidi tells the little girl that she did a fine job on the runway.

On to the losers, Janeane tells the judges that she wanted to make something comfortable. Nina doesn't like that it's so simple. Heidi thinks that the whole combination is horrible and that it looks like a cheap mall outfit. She assures the little girl that it has nothing to do with her. Tory liked the leggings, but not the little girl top. Michael thinks that nothing about the model's coat is polished.

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