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Other Michael, naturally, gets defensive. He calls Ivy a bitch and who can blame him? But, as a schoolyard mean girls fight color commentator, I will tell you that he quickly loses ground. He's unfocused and Ivy goes in for the kill. She says that his language is inappropriate and he doesn't disagree. Oh My God, I need to be speaking for Other Michael right now. He needs me. I'd knock this shit outta the park. She even interviews that his use of curse words (because NO ONE on this show uses curse words. The mannequins tape a "Fucking Kick The Shit Out of Me" sign to her back as she's talking) shows that he has no class. I'd show her some class by taking her to SCHOOL. Finally, he mentions that the judges liked his work and not hers. This stings a little bit, but she brings up again that he cheated.

Other Michael leaves the room and Cute Michael tells Ivy that she has huge balls. Balls? No, Cute Michael, and cross me again and I will so start calling you Michael D. It doesn't take balls to attack a guy that you've all been ganging up on from the beginning. Gretchen and Mondo both interview that it's crazy to think that Other Michael has gotten this far in the competition without having been authentically compelling to the judges. Poor Other Michael tries to confide to AJ that Ivy was being mean to him and even that little prick says that he didn't "trust" Other Michael when he was still in the competition.

Everyone gets to work. April, though she loves her, gets a little frustrated with Peach's inability to just work without doubting and questioning herself. Tim comes in and brings up the cheating allegations. He (kind of opaquely) says that the situation has been reviewed and the show is content that there was no cheating. He asks who saw the tape and everyone raises their hands. So stupid. He reminds them that there are like 700 cameras in this bad boy, nobody's getting shit past anyone.

So, now that's over-ish. Gretchen comes up to Other Michael later and says that what's done is done and they should all just move on. Funny, sounds like she's telling him that it's OK that he cheated. She should be apologizing. It's time for some runway. Heidi introduces Michael, Nina and Norma Kamali! She's a superstar. And the show begins. We'll start with Andy's looks. This looks like it's right up his alley. He made a hoodie, an off-the-shoulder blouse and a dress with mixed fabrics that created wave-like patterns that are incredibly flattering for a figure. April's clothes are next. They retain that sort of constrictive April thing, while having loose elements as well. She makes black shorts with a bandeau top with a loose see-through top over it. Also, she made two dresses that manage to use Heidi's casual fabrics while still seeming fashion-forward. Christopher's looks are next. He made a couple of variations on harem pants that are kind of cute, but he also made a dress that lays flat. It looks cheap in the extreme. He also made a hoodie that manages to look stuffy and uncomfortable. Gretchen's looks are next and, while they are not bad, she really missed the point of the challenge. All of her looks seem like ace bandages, which I actually sort of like. That said, they're wrong.

Here's Other Michael's stuff. The other designers were making fun of this earlier, led by Casanova -- the colors are autumnal in the extreme. Like, they just seem like Thanksgiving. And, the looks are not good. He made some for real harem pants that are just not good. Also, he has a dress with a belt. No. And, Mondo really pulled it out. He managed to keep some interesting color blocking, while utilizing the shapes that are more conducive to Heidi's line. Good on him.

Afterwards, we find out our top three are Mondo, April and Andy! Andy is commended for his hip and wearable styles. April gets kudos for sticking to her vision while delivering the specifics for this challenge. Andy is the winner! Back from the edge of destruction!

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