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Baguette and Mira Sorvino escort Angela off the stage and the designers commence to designing. Michael thinks that Georgina is going to steal his dress right off of the runway. OK, sure. April wants to show the judges that she can work with a color other than black, not that black is a color. Sweet P says that it was crappy being in the bottom two during the last challenge because she feels like it makes her look like a loser. I guess she has a point there. Mondo reminds us that he doesn't really design before going to Mood. He finds fabrics that are calling to him, he buys them and then he listens to what they have to say about whatever thing he should design. He's the Fabric Whisperer, which is a stupid joke and kind of accurate. They head to Mood with 30 minutes to shop. Kenley sees a fabric that is so "her, so girly," but she doesn't find as much as she needs. April buys red! Crazy! Michael decides he's going to go red too and freaks out when he sees April's choice. She continues with her argument from last week about the fact that they have completely different aesthetics, so no one's is going to really care, but he cares.

They get back to the workroom and start working. Heh, there's a blown-up cover of Marie Claire Lea Michele on the cover. That's funny to me. Kara points out that everyone is being very quiet because they recognize that everyone around them is competition. Everyone is shocked to see that April is dyeing the bottom of her fabric. She tells that, while she does gowns, she does them in a Corpse Bride sort of way. So it's going to be funky. Austin thinks it's risky to dye something when you only have a day to make the complete piece. Mila thinks that she's sabotaging herself and good riddance and Mondo wonders if this is just the sort of mistake that could send her home.

Sweet P thinks that Austin really has an edge with this challenge, since he is so evening wear-focused. He tells us that this is the last challenge that he would want to screw up. Michael interviews that couture has to be really special and he's trying to respect that idea, even though he only has a day. He's working on this really fancy collar and Mila comments in an interview that she thinks it's smart of him to finish the main interest of his look first. She also mentions that he seems to be able to work very quickly.

Here's Joanna in lovely teal jacket. Kenley remarks that she is excited about Joanna being their mentor because she is an actual editor of a magazine. Does anyone feel like that was a dig at Tim Gunn? You're not the only one. Whatever, somebody pushed her to say that, there is NO WAY that she thinks it's a good idea for her socially or professionally to look as a snotty a bitch as she was during her season on the show. Sweet Jesus, she was a nightmare. Joanna asks Rami who he thinks his biggest competition for this challenge is and he says that it's Austin, whose ears of course perk up. She asks Austin what he's going to do to impress the judges and he admits to being nervous. He says that he wants to show off the figure at the same time as being dramatically voluminous. April describes her design for Joanna and it has a really ambitious quality in terms of movement- a bunch of triangle insets are supposed to give it a flounce-y mermaid effect. April tells us that she hasn't even considered a Plan B. OK. Joanna wonders if Michael's dress is wearable and he admits to not even considering it. Jerell vamps that a nip slip is tacky. Shut up. Wow, I'm really reacting strongly to him and I didn't expect that. At first, I saw him and I was like, fine, it's Jerell, whatever, we're on OK terms. But, I guess there's baggage.

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