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With 30 minutes until the end of the day, Anthony is still working on the foundation of his dress. Michael has really gone to town on the neck piece of his gown. Austin thinks it's beautiful but perhaps too celebrity and not enough socialite. That night, everyone sits around bitching about the fact that it's really an oxymoron to call dress made in day couture. Kara confesses to Kenley that she's really nervous about succeeding and, I'm not sure what's happening here. Kenley says that she really wants Kara to get it together. And, I believe, we see her perform external signs of empathy, like a touch on the arm and eye contact. This is unexpected. Kara says, in an interview, that she doesn't feel like, with this design she has gone "off her cahoonies." Seriously, I'm not even sure what she means. But, she's decided to "get her hands dirty." Still no idea. Maybe she saying that her design is not terribly innovative but she's going to attempt to finish it as expertly as she can? Something like that?

The next day, they get back to the workroom and start scrambling. Kara seems to have pulled it together somewhat. Mila says that she thinks that Austin's gown is pretty but basic. Hair and make-up begins and LOOK! It's hot mustachioed make-up daddy from last season. I love him. Jerell loves his dress. He thinks it looks like "mofo money" and says, "job well done, Team Me." OK, fine, he takes so many swings he was bound to hit at least one out of the park.

On the runway, Angela greets everyone in some sky-high heels. She reminds them that the challenge is about high-end glamour. Then, she introduces Georgina, Isaac and guest judges Mark Badgley and James Mischka. They are looking for style, elegance and individuality.

Kenley's dress is up first. It's pink chiffon, with a pink and black polka-dotted bow in the front. She loves it. It looks exactly as she wanted it to. I don't think it's horrible, but it seems a little celebrity, if we're going to be throwing that insult around. It seems fashion-forward in the sense that it seems to be a bit of an ironic look back at 80's fashion. It's still very pretty though.

Next up is Gordana's gown. She used silk jersey silk chiffon in two shades of lavender. It's a halter gown and hangs really beautifully from the neck all the way to the floor. The one thing I'm not sure I'm fond of is there are two, like, leg-shaped panels of lighter lavender on the front of the model's legs. I just find something unattractive about that. There is fairly intricate stitching on the bodice, especially considering how little time they had to complete the looks. G says it's exactly what she wanted it to look like.

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