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Rami's gown is next. It's an off-the-shoulder number that is fitted to below the hips, then there's some of that expert Rami draping. There's a lot of structure in the top of the dress, little panels and pleatings and it looks like it took a lot of effort. The thing is, the dress is fuschia? I don't really like that. Rami hopes that the judges see the work he put into the look.

Here's Mila's look. With silk crepe, silk velvet and tulle, She made a strapless black gown. Very simple silhouette. Some tulle over one shoulder. There appears to be some beading on the bodice but nothing spectacular. Mila acknowledges that it's neither romantic nor feminine, two of the things they asked for, but hopes that the judges like it anyway.

Sweet P's gown is a high-waisted, voluminous skirt in a floral print, with a coral halter top. And there are none of the feathers that she was showing to Joanna! Boo! I really liked those. This dress is not very special. Sweet P seems really happy with it though.

Mondo's dress is next, it's this short silver dress with a circular collar at the neckline and a long train. Very January Jones. Mondo says that he felt inspired by the opera.

Jerell is next. His look is made with gold leaf khaki and power mesh. It's essentially empire waisted, with a ruffle that plunges a little. It's sleeveless. It's dark and moody and pretty. He's really happy with it.

Kara's look is next. It's just a strapless gown in a floral print with a black belt. It's not ugly, but it is very, very simple.

Anthony's dress is next and it's a knockout. It's white and asymmetrical and plunging and sexy. It's funny, Mila mentioned that she wanted to ape Angelina Jolie with her model's make-up, but this dress would be perfect for Angie. He says that his model looks like she's part of the "Anthony L. Williams Experience."

Here's Austin's gown of gold lame and black tulle. It's super fitted and there are criss-crossing straps at the shoulders and waist that hold long panels of black tulle. It's very Bauhaus-era. Gorgeous and industrialist.

Here's April's gown. It's bright red with a dyed black bottom. I really love the length and the color. It's one-shouldered and the panels that she created look a little labored and she knows it. I kind of like it though. April is worried because she can see imperfections on the runway.

Here's Michael's look. It's a very fitted black dress with a neck piece of feathers and crystals. There's also a belt of crystals that covers the bare skin of the model's back, where the dress plunges. This is so dramatic and fun. He, of course, is very happy with it.

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