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Teaching With Hate

Tim tells Gretchen that she should choose something that she's passionate about. Then, he tells her that she's leading. I'm not sure if he's just suggesting that as a state-of-mind that she should try to have or what. With only a few more minutes to shop, Ivy tells us that she's lost. She doesn't have a clear design vision, however, she does have a color palette. She's thinking a classic black and white or an also classic black and navy.

Meanwhile, Cute Michael is feeling a little nervous. He questions whether he did an excellent job shopping or not. He interviews that he always enters Mood feeling confident but leaves shaken. All I know is, oh Cute Michael... I don't know where to begin. Should I begin with your flat cap? The kicky scarf that you're wearing beneath it? No. Not to be LCD up in here, but I'm going to start with the tank top. I want to spread this dude on some melba toast.

Back at the workroom, Other Michael, with some fabric wrapped around his head, jokes to Christopher that he thinks he's looking very Jackie O, to which Christopher agrees. It's really more Little Edie from Grey Gardens. Same family, but -- yes, I am apparently that gay.

Mondo gets back to the workroom and starts draping a dress on his form. But, he tells us, after a few hours, he's not feeling it. He consults with Gretchen about his fabric and she clearly has problems with it. Then, she interviews that she does indeed have problems with it. He's using this really bold purple and black herringbone and, while she feels that it's very "Mondo," she also thinks that it's limiting. Mondo decides to scrap his original idea and make a skirt and a top.

Cute Michael tells us that he's going to make something a little dressier than sportswear, because he doesn't like sportswear. He points out that he's using sportswear fabric though. "That counts, doesn't it?" So, this is not feeling good to me. He wonders aloud in the workroom if maybe the judges will find his work too expensive, which gets a big laugh, especially from Valerie. She interviews that he is quick-witted, which is the kind of funny that she wishes she were. I love Valerie, not only because she just complimented my boy. She's always quick with a compliment and I feel like that's a good thing. I just read this book The Happiness Project (I swear I don't have a shelf of self-help books) and there's this comparison of how different people view the success of others. Some see it as a zero-sum proposition, where there's a limited amount of success to be had in the world and they're discouraged when people near them experience it, because that means there's less for them. There are others who feel that success happens in clusters, so being near success means that they are closer to being successful themselves. I think the latter philosophy is a much happier place to be and Valerie, with her nurturing, supportive spirit, seems to feel that way as well.

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