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Still in the workroom, Cute Michael jokes that he's channeling the earliest Americans, the Puritans. He interviews that his skirt has some early American influences, reminiscent of The Crucible. He jokes that he's not sure where that's going, but he doesn't really care because he has lost his mind. And, that, folks, is the moment where I couldn't love him any more than I do right now. Not even if we met and started a jewelry line and got four babies and a dismantled then reconstructed barn that we transplanted from Pennsylvania to rural farmland Alabama then started a artisan cheese and honey and persimmons business. Not even then (unless, perhaps, the barn doubled as a summer stock theatre in the summer -- cause that would be completely revolutionary), because Cute Michael, having just sort of admitted to losing sight of the challenge and becoming consumed by the manifestation of his own vision rather than the competitive spirit, has never really seemed happier in the time that we've known him. And, that's pretty remarkable to me.

Valerie seems a little unsure of herself and it looks as if Gretchen shares her doubt. She whispers to her that she's thinking of making a skirt and top and jacket, but she's afraid it might be too edgy. She interviews that she wants to get everything drafted so she can start on the details, as there are apparently a lot of those. She wonders aloud if her look is Jackie O enough and Gretchen says that it's about what she would wear now, not what her aesthetic was then. Well, that's obvious, right? Valerie says that she's the Susan Lucci of the show because she has been in the top several times and has yet to win a challenge. Also, because she successfully faced down a bear. She tells Gretchen that she doesn't want her look to get to cray-cray, because Jackie O would not wear Goth. Gretchen agrees that, yes madam, Jackie O would not wear Goth.

Gretchen says to the sewing room that she thinks the easiest way to screw up is to second-guess yourself. Mondo agrees and interviews that, since the group is so small, you make one mistake and you're going home. April says that she's making a top and a pencil skirt.

And, then we get to hear from Ivy. She interviews that a lot of the designers don't know what "sportswear" is -- namely Other Michael and Christopher, who she believes are making cocktail dresses. Cocktails are my favorite sport, so stuff it, Ivy. Valerie talks to some people about what she's doing and Andy interviews that she always needs approval from the other designers. Bitch. Then, we see the pants he's making, which have enormous legs. Valerie says to Gretchen that the pants are odd and she hopes that he keeps going with them. Also, bitch. Andy interviews that a fashion forward person takes risks, like wearing pants that are perhaps more appropriate for clowns.

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