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The designers get to work and Amanda interviews that she's not sure what the teens will think because she is twice their age. Not really, she says. Then, she realizes that at 31, she is indeed twice their age. Well, aren't proms usually reserved for juniors and seniors? There'd have to be some Doogie Howser-style advancement going on. Or maybe just a kid who skipped a grade. Layana is still whining about not getting to use the gold and Stanley tells her that he doesn't want any drama. Just act like gold doesn't exist. He wants to use hot pink and Layana is not feeling it. I usually trust what her choices are but MAN she whines a lot on the road to getting her way with her team. Kate interviews that Layana always gets what she wants and if she wants a certain color, that's the color they are going to be using. Stanley just tells Layana to choose whatever color she wants and she comes back with some silver zebra print. She interviews that she just doesn't think high school girls in New York wear pink. Really? I think she just likes to say no a lot.

Tu and Kate both sketch designs and compare. Tu drew a short dress with a wide skirt and Kate thinks that will take a lot of tape to cover. So, they decide to make a long dress. Kate interviews that Tu is the only person in the room whose style she appreciates who will listen to her own ideas. That said, she adds that there is only room for one cook in the kitchen and that is her. That doesn't seem to connect terribly well, but maybe Kate thinks other people are jerks for wanting their ideas heard but that same policy doesn't apply to her. Also, it could have been something completely different that she was talking about. Like, maybe she was really talking about cooking. My point is, I need to see how she got there. Stanley thinks that Tu is doing most of the legwork for his team. He sees Kate giving him tasks to accomplish. I feel like this angle is being forced a little bit.

Michelle starts talking. I can't with her. I think this may be my fever pitch with my dislike for her. She tells Amanda that she's worried about pushing the fashion envelope too far with this challenge. Yeah, that's going to happen. You are exactly THAT cool. She made her own prom dress and really wanted her dress to be the "funkiest" in the room. Amanda nixes the use of camouflage tape while Michelle says no to tie-dye tape. Amanda says "I'm a pacifist" when recommending it. They decide to make their own print, possibly a large houndstooth. They are making a prom dress for the punk rock girl. Gross. There's just something so forced about the person they think they're serving, like someone who has modeled themselves on being a punk rock girl from a movie instead of someone who just actually is punk rock.

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