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Patricia says that she's trying to bring color and pattern to the surface of the tape by actually stripping the tape. Samantha is not sure what Patricia's doing, because the results of her work are different from how she heard her initial explanation. You know, Patricia seems willing to change directions to make Samantha happy, but she doesn't really ask for anything specific. She just tells Patricia that she's nervous.

Daniel feels like their dress is resembling a giant baked potato. Well, that's not good. He decides to make the muslin part of the dress and add the tape to that. I thought that was what they would all be doing. Maybe they're doing the tape part together on their table first? Anyway, Richard is happy with the results. He interviews that he loves working with Daniel and their chemistry is great.

Tim pops in for his consultation and starts with Stanley and Layana. Tim thinks they need to make the dress pop, at which point Stanley says he had been thinking of using hot pink. Kate interviews that no one in her school would have worn zebra print and fluorescent pink to the prom. Well, would they have worn a dress made of duct tape in the first place?

Tim moves on to Samantha and Patricia. Patricia admits that she is terrified. Samantha says that they both sketched their ideas and put them together. Tim notes that they are working on two different bodices, but Samantha says that one of them was just a test to look at texture. He says that he can tell that they are working hard, but he wonders if they are working smart. Amanda interviews that she would have a hard time working with Patricia, because she is a textile designer and is not used to the quick pace necessary to succeed on the show. Well, she has made it through six challenges already, so she's not failing that miserably. Tim tells them that they need to really work together because their work resembles wrapping paper at the moment.

Richard tells Tim that he and Richard want to make a mariachi jacket on a grand scale. Tim thinks that they are doing a great job. I keep thinking that "mariachi" would be a descriptor that Nina Garcia would use to hate on something. Amanda welcomes Tim to their "punk rock corner." Geez, get over yourselves, girls. They explain their large houndstooth, which is pretty cool. Kate interviews again that no one wore a queen of hearts costume to prom. Did you have your prom at the Junior League or something? This isn't THAT crazy. Kate explains to Tim that she wanted to make a long dress. Stanley says that it isn't fun enough. Tim agrees. He says that it's forgettable and lackluster. Kate is freaking out.

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