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Everyone is fitting their models. Kate still hates Amanda and Michelle's dress. Daniel thinks that the Patricia/Samantha dress looks like a JiffyPop container. Wow, it kind of does. Tu thinks that it looks like Wonder Woman. You see, I like popcorn and strong female characters. Neither of those things is bad to me.

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She tells Patricia and Samantha that they won the student vote! She introduces Zac, Nina and guest judge Chris Benz. Cute, with pink hair. The show begins with Michelle and Amanda's look. It's a black and red houndstooth pattern in a short cocktail look. Lots of angles and asymmetrical. It's really cool. Michelle is obviously thrilled and Amanda feels that she got a chance to think bigger than she has previously.

Stanley and Layana's look is next. It's a black and zebra dress with a pink belt. It's really cute. The skirt is paneled and has a lot of movement. The top has an outline of a sweetheart neckline, but with straps. It's cute and graphic. Both of the designers are happy with what they made.

Richard and Daniel's look is next. It's a gold strapless dress with a lot of ruffles at the bottom. There is lattice work up the sides of the dress. I don't know. It seems a little dated. It reminds me of the dress that Shelby loans to Darryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias. Granted, I could probably find a parallel with every single element of this show and Steel Magnolias but this one just really jumped out at me. The designer are thrilled. To that, I tell them to get off my bench.

Kate and Tu's look is next. It's a floor-length gown in a denim colored tape. There's a little bow at the neckline. Kate is very happy with it. Tu thinks the girl looks stunning. It's a pretty dress and I actually think that my junior prom date wore something almost identical, but that was like fours ago, ahem. It's not terribly modern or innovative.

Samantha and Patricia's look is next. It's black and blue and silver. The bodice is silver and the skirt is Patricia's neat textile. It's short in the front and long in the back. The volume they added was a really smart choice. It's really cute and sexy without being over the top. The designers feel confident, especially knowing that they won the student vote.

Afterwards, they speak to Patricia and Samantha first. Patricia explains her textile technique, which is a little heady. She laid down all of this color, then stripped it away, revealing the design. Nina loves the closure on the back of the bodice. Zac loves it too. Samantha says that Patricia should win if the their dress wins.

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