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Kate and Tu are next. Kate says that she knew she wanted a long dress. Heidi asks Tu if he wanted a long dress. He says that he deferred to Kate because she actually went to prom and he did not. Heidi doesn't think that it's fun. Chris thinks it's old-fashioned. Nina thinks it's SO old. She can't imagine an 18-year-old wearing it. Zac disagrees about the length. He says that girls in America do want the long dress as part of the fantasy. They really kind of fight about it and its great. Zac says that he dresses girls for prom every day. I think he means that in an esoteric way, but he really sticks to it. Chris says that he wishes people would take him to proms more often and I think he means for Zac to ask him out. Zac Posen doesn't do the asking, Chris. Get some nerve to go with that pink hair and just do it. A prom might be in your future. Heidi and Nina both lament that they didn't get to go to prom. Seriously, it's not really that great. Kate takes the responsibility for the design, but Heidi says they are both at fault.

Layana explains that they wanted to exaggerate with their dress and have fun. Stanley felt like it was sort of a cartoon. Nina loves the panels in the skirt. Heidi wants to be friends with the girl wearing the dress. Chris likes that it has some fetish elements, thus worrying moms across America that designers are trying to make their daughters look like the gimp.

Chris loves Amanda and Michelle's dress. Zac thinks that the shape of the dress is great, though he thinks that the cut-outs are a problem. Nina doesn't mind the cut-outs. Heidi loves it too. Amanda says that Michelle should win if the design does. I just can't stand her.

Heidi tells Richard and Daniel that their dress looks like it's from twenty years ago. She likes the tailoring, which Zac disagrees with. He doesn't like that the lattice work is underneath the arms of the models. Chris thinks that it looks like old clothes. Nina says that they went from heroes to zeros. She thinks that the girl looks like a train wreck, which is maybe overstating things.

The judges confer, while the designers are all biting their nails backstage. They return to the stage and freaking Michelle wins the challenge. She gets to give five grand to the charity of her choice and she chooses an autism charity. Backstage, Layana congratulates Michelle in front of Amanda and says, "You deserve it more than anybody," which is maybe a bit rough to say in front of her partner. Whatever. These kids. Stanley, Layana, Samantha and Patricia are all safe. Richard and Daniel are "barely" in, says Heidi. She tells Tu that she feels he is getting lost in the competition. Tu is... out. Kate hugs him and cries and says that she's sorry. He's such a good sport and interviews that he deserves to go home. Kate is out too. What? Seriously? THIS is the challenge where you send two designers home? That seems really bogus. Everyone is shocked backstage.

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