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Gunnar (he's the one with the crazy eyes, by the way) tells us that they were given a homework assignment before they got to the show. They had to create a design that manifested their design aesthetic. Each workstation is setup with the homework assignment. Gunnar says that he imagines Cruella DeVil wearing his designs and dragging a fur behind her. And, then, he stares at the camera, daring us to find him tired. Here's Lantie Foster from northern California. She's 38. Wait, she's lying. She's 48. God, can we stop talking about age for five fucking seconds? That's just happening in my head? Oops. A bunch more people arrive at Parsons. Here's Elena Slivnyak who designs for the edgy girl. Here's afro. His name is Kooan Kosuke and he is rad. He explains that his clothes are not costumes though they look a little like costumes. He says that he makes his clothes with love and he likes to make a lot of love. He needs to have a talk with that other dude. This guy Ven Budhu says that he's sure that the other designers will be intimidated by him after seeing his first look. He thinks that sewing is the necessary skill for success on the show.

Tim shows up and asks everyone how they're doing. One lady says she's tired and Tim says that's not a good sign. He introduces them to their workspace then says that the first challenge will be to create a companion piece for the homework assignment. Then, they will be presenting at Times Square. Everyone's psyched. Then, Tim says, "I wouldn't be Tim Gunn if I didn't say 'Make It Work'" and thusly completes the transformation into an actual parody of himself.

Now we meet Christopher Palu who is wearing a giant scarf. He tells us that he lives at home with his two sisters and his parents in Long Island. He dropped out of college but believes that he has the talent to do this. He says that he's really confident but shakes his head in disagreement and I like that. Here's Alicia. She's got dreads. And, she's a lesbian who designs for tomboys. She fuses men's wear and lady clothes. Very cool. Everybody is designing and we hear from Beatrice Guapo who is nervous about completing this first challenge.

At Mood, Melissa goes to the suiting fabric and I think that's the first time we've ever seen that part of the store! It's very orderly. Beatrice, who loves knits, tells us that she worked her way through college. Raul Osorio is the terminal designer, the one who has really bad sex and is maybe not going to make it to the end of the hour. He usually designs menswear, but he also has a passion for women's wear. He loves lace. His bangs are pointed.

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