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At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She tells them that they will be designing for a very important client for this challenge. A client that knows A LOT about fashion. She says that they should be nervous and Anthony gives out a nervous giggle to comply. There's someone behind the scrim. Is it Marianne Faithful? Wouldn't that be fucking epic? No. It's Nina Garcia. Which is at least kind of epic. The designers want to crap on themselves. She tells them that they will be designing for her. She says that she's going to be very hard on them. Becky interviews that she and Nina couldn't be more different and she doesn't know how she feels about her.

Nina explains that the designers will be creating a look for her that she can wear to the office and out to the many important events she attends in the evenings. Danielle feels good because day/nightwear is sort of a specialty of hers. Nina says that her style is classic with an edge. She likes clean lines. A big no on volume, patterns and colors. Bryce finds that she doesn't like more things than she does like. Wow, that's like Nina in a nutshell. And, I just got my drag name. Nina N'Anutshell. Seriously, come see me at Joe's Pub cause that shit's happening. Heidi kind of voices Bryce's concern and asks what's left for her to like and her voice pitches up and she's all, "A lot!" Don't act so surprised, Nina. You know you're being restrictive. Heidi says she's just kidding, but she's not. She knows the dark Nina.

Heidi says that the winner of the challenge will have, aside from bragging rights and immunity, their design featured in a Marie Claire ad...that will be on the tops of taxi cabs in NYC. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but is your average upscale fashion customer looking at the tops of cabs for fashion tips? Seriously, I don't actually know. Anya thinks it's really effective. So, they're going to sketch and consult with Nina before shopping.

In the workroom, Tim directs the designers to pics of Nina dressed like Nina before they begin to sketch. Viktor is excited for the opportunity. Kimberly wonders what to make for Nina that she hasn't already seen. They begin sketching. Bryce is fancying a cowl neck. Anya is worried because she works in prints and Nina is all monohateful. Julie is doing a shift dress and feels like she is running out of second chances.

The consultations begin with Anya. Nina tries, but she can't outshine her. Anya is a freaking crazy knockout. She brings in two ideas. A minidress, which scares Nina even though she acts like it's just a gaffe in Anya's taste. And, a jumpsuit. She likes the jumpsuit but questions whether Anya will be able to sew it. Anya looks at her like, "Things aren't problems for me, Nina. They just sometimes take a little bit of talking." Viktor kisses ass hardcore and says that Nina is amazing. Bitch is gonna make this work. She eats it up. He presents a sparkly dress that she likes. Bryce presents the cowl and she hates cowl. She asks Josh if he has a Plan B.

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