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Oh my God -- Anya tells the story of how Nina asks her if she has a Plan B, in case she can't make her original idea. She is so cool! She essentially just told everyone that the judges have no faith in her but she doesn't care. I can't tell you how much that makes me love her. I want to be Anya when I'm five years younger. Nina tells Danielle that she wants one of her blouses. Julie presents a coat dress and Nina says she is down with the silhouette. Kimberly comes in with a shift dress and Nina tells her she wants pants, which Kimberly exploits to lovely effect. Meaning, she acts like she's being punished because Nina likes something that she does. Well done. Let those other cats know how IN DEMAND you are. Cecilia presents a (lovely sketch) dress and jacket to Nina and she feels that it's all too much. She asks her if she has a Plan B. Nina thinks it's Dynasty, which has apparently become a bad thing? So, no jacket.

In the workroom, as Cecilia is dying, Bryce asks if anyone ever imagined that they would be talking to the editor of a major fashion magazine. Tim comes in and says that he spoke with Nina and she doesn't want boring (even though she asked for boring).

At Mood, Danielle can't find the color she wants. Anya chooses mustard, even though Tim does all but slap her to stop her. Becky and Anthony choose the same REALLY ODD fabric, which is super weird. Cecilia can't find what she wants. She seems to be melting down a little bit.

Back at the workroom, they continue. Josh likes Anya's mustard fabric, but she's still worried. Anya tells Josh that she wants the two of them to be in the top together and he blames Julie for having been in the bottom. Nasty! He needs to learn to shut up. Julie says that she went to fashion school because she was over bartending and waiting tables, but she felt she was out of place because everyone was very talented. The thing is, you have to trust yourself. We see her talking to Cecilia, who tells her that she's very different. Julie replies that she's trying to be normal. Cecilia says that Julie is a true artist.

Anthony insinuates to Josh that Becky stole his fabric, but in a really non-shitty way. She's cooler about it. The first time she heard that he wanted the fabric was when she was carrying it around. Cecilia chose a fabric that she thought was purple, but it's gray in the workroom. Viktor talks about using muslin to create a mock of a dress and the absence of talking about the moms and dads associated seems in that seem seams pointed.

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