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Nina comes into the workroom. She tells Danielle that it needs to be a little harder. There's no edge. Everybody thinks it's boring and Nina's a complete bitch about it. Nina thinks that the collar on Julie's look is too large. The music makes it sound like she's crazy, but I still love her. Nina hates Anya's fabric. She asks for a Plan B. Lord knows they have tons of times for lots of plans. Nina tries to criticize the color of Laura's dress, but she shuts her down. Viktor accepts Nina's advice about her dress. Cecilia explains that she thought her fabric was another color earlier. Sad times. Anthony thinks her palette is muddy.

Nina leaves and everyone gets to work. Kimberly talks about losing her mother and her brother and how it motivated her. With Josh and Anthony's help, Anya dyes her mustard fabric. Anthony looks so cute when he's helping her, like some old farmer. She's in the room when he Skypes his fiancé, Matthew. Matthew is a stone cold FOX! Anya says hello and he tells her that she is cute, as he had been told. She giggles and tells him to not tell anyone that Anthony is her favorite. I can't stand it. So adorable. I'm not lying when I say that, and I've considered trying to make it happen, if I have a daughter that is of the pageant persuasion, I want her to be like Anya.

The models come for fittings. Things go well. Then, things don't go well. Julie is having problems with her sewing. I really do like her so much. I wish she were better at all of this.

The next day, Viktor says that Kimberly will be in trouble. Anya still hasn't dyed her stuff. Cecilia's model has huge nipples. Or "neeples." I like "neeples." They get to the workroom and start chugging away. Tim enters the workroom to find it empty. He has to go to the sewing room to find the designers and tells them that they have two hours for hair and makeup. He says that he's so nervous he's sweating through his suit, but I just don't believe him. He doesn't look sweaty at all.

Anya gets that shit dyed. Becky asks her how she's going to get it sewed but she seems confident. Meanwhile, Viktor seems excited about his look. His fitting is joyous and all about how rich his look is. Cecilia is so worried that she can't think. That's rough. I usually want to take a nap when I'm feeling that way. Don't sleep, Cecilia! Hair and makeup happens. Seriously, that makeup dude is smoking. Who is he? Cecilia snaps at Julie about her work not being clean and it's really lovely, because she tells us that she loves Julie's companionship. She just wants her to be correct. Julie knows this too and thanks her in interview form. Julie ends up gluing stuff. Tim sees it and freaks out. Laura helps Anya finish her look, which is really sweet. Viktor, because he's struggling, I'd imagine, finds Laura help to border on cheating. Laura just says she wants Anya's vision to be realized, which I think is perfectly valid. My roommate, who works in fashion, thinks this show should be staffed with seamstresses anyway, so there'd be none of that. It truly would be about design. I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

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