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It's runway time! Tim has a really hard time getting them to follow him. The designers are greeted by Heidi. She introduces Michael, Nina, Joanna Coles (editor-in-chief of Marie Claire) and freaking Kerry Washington. How beautiful is Kerry Washington? Save the last dance, girl, cause I'm coming for you. In a completely not-stalker-like way. She's so pretty, right? Anyway, the show begins.

Josh's is first. It's this short dress with a center block of gray and outside block of orange. It's kind of adorable, if not a little young for Nina. He's feeling confident. It's really cute.

Bert's is next. It's a black dress with a low-cut front and back, but it's not tight. There's actually a lot you could do with this dress. Olivier is next with weird trousers and jacket. It looks good, but it is OUT THERE. The silhouette seems wrong? I don't know. The way that the jacket is high-waisted and there's something blousy about the trousers. I don't know. The colors and blocking of said colors is nice though.

Next is Anthony's look. It's that hombre fabric that he's sharing with/stole from Becky. It's a matronly top and skirt. I do NOT like this. It's really not good, if you ask me. Becky's is next. She used the dress in a skirt of a dress and I think it looks better.

Kimberly makes a gold top that is super fitted with black trousers. Cecilia made a strudel. It's a dress that looks like a strudel. No. Anya's jumpsuit looks pretty good! Here's Danielle's look and it's pretty cute. Probably not right for Nina, but I like it. Julie's dress is a trench dress that is, sadly, all over the place. It's completely dissonant. From color to fit to finish. It's a nice idea and the tone of it is lovely, but no.

Bryce's dress is unassuming enough. Laura's green dress is almost too much, but I still sort of like it. Viktor's dress looks expensive. Afterwards, Heidi calls Julie, Viktor, Cecilia, Kimberly, Danielle and Anya. The others are free. Backstage, Becky and Anthony are happy that they didn't get slammed for using the same pattern. Laura thinks that Kimberly and Cecilia will be the bottom two. Bert thinks that Olivier will be in the top...but, he's sitting beside him. Jesus, that's embarrassing.

Onstage, Viktor says he tried to keep it simple and elegant. Nina likey. Joanna thinks it solves a lot of day/night problems. Julie explains that Nina wanted a reduced collar from her design. Kerry doesn't get it. Michael says it's a housecoat. Joanna says it's unwearable. Cecilia says she knows that she's in the bottom. Joanna thinks that people would think Nina was crazy if she wore that dress to work. Kimberly explains that she changed a design for a dress to a blouse and slacks. Nina likes it a lot. Heidi loves it. Joanna loves that shit too. Like, she's crazy for it. Anya explains how she dyed her outfit. Nina is amazed. Heidi loves it. She is still stunned that Anya just learned how to sew and we see Viktor looking at her sternly. Is there going to be future drama on this front? Kerry thinks it's fun. Michael says that Nina would never wear mustard.

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