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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left

Anthony Ryan introduces Donna and Carolyn says that she loves it. She asks her how she feels. She says that she feels hidden, which is what she wanted. Carolyn asks her why she wants to be hidden and she says that she is curvier that she is used to being due to an injury and she is not very happy with that. Carolyn wishes that she had celebrated her curves because her only problem with the dress is that she is hidden. Ouch. Carolyn says that she doesn't feel that the bust is the most flattering. Donna replies that the bust is the area that she wanted to hide the most. Carolyn insists that she should "rock them." Georgina thinks that there would be a conservative way to show more of Donna's body. The straight-across neckline that Anthony Ryan has utilized she finds very difficult to pull off with full figures. She thinks that the white straps are a little claustrophobic. She says that she loves the overall idea of the dress. Katie suggests that if had used beaded straps to take the place of a necklace, it would have been fun. That's actually a pretty good suggestion, but since the straps were an adjustment after he had been to Mood, I'm not sure he could have done that even if he thought of it. Isaac loves the spirit of Anthony Ryan's dress, which I completely agree with. Isaac says that it's not completely figure flattering, but it's chic, fresh and young.

The judges confer. Carolyn says that it was a great show and it was nice to see the designers inspired by the veterans. They love Josh. They think that he found his elegance. Isaac thinks it's amazing to make something as ambitious as Uli made, though they were all not into the embellishment. They are really critical of Anthony Ryan's look. They feel that he really went off the tracks with his handling of Donna's bust. Isaac gets kind of irate and says that he won't hear anymore about how Anthony Ryan's dress was unflattering. I think you have to read between the lines a little and, since I'm always eager to do that, I have and it sounds a lot like Isaac is breaking this shit down. The fact is, Donna has the least flattering figure of all of these ladies. It's not fair to beat up on Anthony Ryan for not making this lady seem as if she has a small bust. She doesn't. It's big. I don't feel like he did anything to her body to make her look worse. I'm TOTALLY NOT talking shit about this lady either, I'm just saying. It's not like they have a ton of budget for restrictive undergarments. They work with what they have. Georgina counters that it's your job as a designer -- Isaac cuts her off. He says that, "No, it's your job as a designer." He says that Anthony Ryan is a different designer. Georgina finishes saying that it just wasn't a proper design. That was awesome! Carolyn liked the overall idea of Emilio's dress. Georgina thought that it looked homemade and disconnected. Isaac says that he's not mad about that color on Lisa. However, when they try to decide who was more successful of the worst, Georgina and Isaac pick Anthony Ryan. Katie and Carmen pick Emilio and mention the color and Isaac says that it looks like he dyed the fabric in the bathtub the night before. Somebody gonna get cat scratch fever! They are torn.

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