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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left

Corporal Jessica Lord of the Marine Corps is talking with Uli. She asks Jessica how long she has been back from overseas. She explains that she is out of the Marines now, which confuses Uli because she looks so young. She entered the Marines in 2006 and is now 25. Wow, that's still really young. Jessica is going to be attending a wedding for her big event, so Uli asks her if there is a particular color that she is fond of. She says that purple is her favorite color. I don't know how well that is going to work for Uli. Also, she asks Jessica if she likes longer or shorter dresses and she says that she likes the dress that Uli is wearing. Uli happens to be wearing one of her long, flowing numbers. Her freaking signature. So, aside from the fact that she's fairly allergic to color, this should be a slam dunk for Uli, right? Uli says that she really wants Jessica to be happy with the dress.

At Mood, the designers begin their work. It looks like Emilio is going with yellow. Josh finds a black and white leopard print, but he knows that Leslie doesn't really like graphic prints. So, he decides that he will dye the fabric. Anthony Ryan finds an ombre fabric that seems very feminine to him. Uli can't find a purple print that she likes. How did I know that would be a problem? She decides to go with "classic colors" black and white and she hopes that she likes it. That Uli. You cannot get her away from the white.

Back at the workroom, Anthony Ryan restates the hard part about the challenge- this dress isn't for a thousand women; it's for one woman. The dress has to be perfect for this one woman. Josh suggests to Anthony Ryan that he will be boning the bust of his design. Anthony Ryan says that he has boning and canvas. There will be a lot of engineering in the boob area. I don't know if it has been expressed yet, but Donna is gifted upstairs. And, I'm not talking about her brains, though she does seem like a very smart lady, at least if seriousness is a measure of smarts. She seems very serious and she has large breasts. And, she likes to hide them. He's feeling some pressure from these boobs. He is working really hard to compliment her figure though and he doesn't seem lost at all.

Josh needs to test dye his fabric and asks Anthony Ryan how long it will take to dry. Sounds like someone has never dyed fabric before? Anthony Ryan warns him not to get it on his hands, because it will stain them. Josh, walking towards the sinks or wherever, whines, "I have to wring it out with my hands?" Heh. Anthony Ryan laughs in an interview that Josh is afraid to touch the dye (well, you're the one who scared him) and he says that it's Project Runway: All-Stars and he's just going to have to get his hands dirty. Uli says that Josh's experiment with his fabric is the biggest risk that anyone is taking right now.

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