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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left

Josh isn't ready for a fitting. He's so great with Leslie though. He tells her that he's going to sew something while she sits. He explains to us that he doesn't want to rush his design, because he feels that it could hurt the final product. I like how purposeful he seems right now.

The ladies leave and they have one hour of work time left. That means that Emilio has an hour to make a complete bodice? He's really worried and Uli notices. When Uli says that it's time to go back to the hotel, Emilio suggests that he may jump out of a window when they get there. She assures him that everything will look better once they have slept. You know? Probably true. Once they get back to the hotel, the reminisce about how far they have made it. Anthony Ryan notices that everyone in the group made it to second place, except for him. He's not sure if he knows what he has gotten himself into. Wow, that's a pretty great accomplishment. Josh does a cheers with fake glasses and they all comply. Those kids are tired.

The next day, they are back in the work room bright and early, with two hours to work. Emilio has to reconfigure and construct his dress entirely in two hours. Lord. Anthony Ryan isn't sure if the work that he has done to create a waist is going to work for Donna. Uli announces that she is as nervous as she has ever been in the competition.

The ladies come in for their fittings. Anthony Ryan realizes immediately that he has a lot of work to do with the waist. Emilio interviews that Anthony Ryan's dress is a mess and the bust region needs a lot of work because it is currently very unflattering. Emilio says that it makes her look bigger than what she is, which I don't think is really true. Her previous clothes may have been constrictive, but they weren't flattering. This at least dances near the area of pretty. Josh assures Leslie that the peeps in the Laura Mercier make-up area are great.

The designers take their ladies to hair and make-up. They tell Lisa that they are going to turn her out and make her gorgeous. The beautiful violet on her eyes indicates that they are living up to that promise. Leslie tells make-up daddy Scott Patric that she's really big on her eyes. It looks like they are going the natural route with Isaac the service dog.

Back in the work room, Uli is looking at Jessica in the dress. She tells Jessica that she is glad it is not purple because she thinks that she will get more use out of this black and white creation. Emilio thinks that Uli's dress transformed Jessica. In fact, he thinks she may win the challenge. I hope it doesn't make me too much of a wet noodle, but I love to hear when they like something that the other one is doing. It's not as if it changes the competition for them to appreciate something that one of their competitors makes. I guess I just trust what they are saying more when it's something positive because I'm not entirely sure of their motives when they shit talk.

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