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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left

Josh finally has his garment to show to Leslie and she loves it! She tells him that it's very sharp. And, it's so cute when she puts it on! She's obviously turned on by the short length and that's awesome. I haven't heard any discussion about the prosthetic yet, so I don't know if they decided this beforehand, but I love that they are showing her legs. She looks fantastic, she's young and fit- it would be such a shame to hide her. She loves that it's short and thinks that it's cute and sexy! Uli thinks that he has done a fantastic job. She points out that he even made an outfit for Isaac, so she thinks he has a good shot at winning the competition. Emilio can not get his hands to move as quickly as his brain. Anthony Ryan is scared because his dress is not really his aesthetic. Emilio has made a bandeau top that transitions into a slim sexy skirt, per his description. He says that adrenaline and fear is the only thing that got his garment finished.

On the runway, Carolyn greets them wearing a beautiful red dress. She says that they are happy to be honoring our female veterans of the armed forces and she mentions Fatigues to Fabulous, an organization that focuses on women's issues when they return from combat. She introduces Isaac and Georgina. Then, she says that our first guest judge is one of America's most talented actresses. Also, she is the founder of the clothing line Holmes & Yang. Then, she introduces Katie Holmes. OK, I'm confused here. I know that Katie Homes is the founder of Holmes & Yang, but where is one of America's most talented actresses? Somebody got cut out. The next guest judge is an evening wear designer who has dressed lots of fancy people. Don't they all? It's Carmen Marc Valvo.

We begin and the first dress is Uli's. Jessica looks so cute. It's one of Uli's traditional high-waisted flowing dresses with a halter top. It's a black and white print that is super flattering. The hem is higher in the front (about to the knees) than it is in the back, which is floor length. There's a lot of neat strap action. The straps are think and black and they sort of criss-cross at the shoulders. In the middle of the neckline is a little shiny trim, it looks like a beaded rectangle or something. Uli says that she is really impressed when she sees Jessica, because she looks like she belongs on a runway.

Emilio's dress is next. It's a beautiful yellow that looks smashing on Lisa. From the front, it looks like a fairly straightforward party dress. It has fairly thick straps and is fitted to the knee, where it ends. The back though is where the bandeau business happens. There's a think strap across the top of the back and it's cut-out through the rest of the back. This would be pretty cute except that it seems the cut-out goes a little too far around the sides of the back. You can kind of see it from the front and it's dissonant. He whispers to the other designers, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Poor Emilio. Katie Holmes nods at it though. Emilio says that he thinks the dress might be better than he thought it was. Ehhh, I'm sorry, Emilio. It's not. I wish it were.

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