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The Few, The Proud, The Four Designers Who Are Left

Here's Anthony Ryan's dress. It's a beautiful gray ombre fabric. In a reversal from the typical, he has used the darker part of the fabric at the bust and it gets lighter as it travels down the length of the dress. There's a lot of pleating that starts at the bust. It's belted in black right below the boob area. There's a white band at the top of the neckline and two white halter straps. There's a slit on the side two that shows an attractive leg. I think it's kind of pretty. I know we've been talking about it like it's going to be a disaster, but it's really not. Also, it seems the designer is always set up for failure when the model has a figure that is not model proportions and I don't know if that's always the designer's preconception or lack of experience with "real women" that hurts in the end. It seems that they always get in trouble and I feel like it's for not making a bigger lady look thin, which is unfair. Anyway, Anthony Ryan is moderately happy with the dress.

And, finally, here's Josh's look. It's a two-piece black look with green leopard print. trim. The top has short sleeves and a v-neck. The skirt is crinolined and has the green leopard print at the hem, separated by a little sliver of black lace, which is adorable. There's a panel of the print up the back of the top and a think belt of the material as well. Joshua says that Leslie is radiating positivity and looks divine. She does look really great. This is sporty and stylish and sexy. It's quite an accomplishment. Also, her prosthetic is showing and it seems like a badge of honor in this ensemble. Isaac the dog is wearing a little vest that has the green leopard on it! Love it.

Afterwards, Carolyn says they are going to hear from everyone, so the veterans return to the stage and make their place beside their respective designers. I'm disappointed that no one has said, "These ladies are the real all-stars" not once during this entire episode. Joshua starts and Isaac flips out when he finds out that he and the dog have the same name. Katie says that the dress is beautiful and looks like it really suits her. Carmen asks if it was a decision to show the prosthetic. Leslie says that it was, in fact, a decision that she made. She is very proud of her service and her story. She's great. Carmen says that he is so happy to hear that. He seems like a nice fellow. Carolyn loves the silhouette and the neckline and she thinks that Leslie is beaming. Isaac loves the dress, but he thinks that Isaac should have more glamour, because of his name. Jokes! Georgina loves the way that the animal print is broken up with lace at the hem, but she thinks that it would have been great as a dress instead of two pieces.

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