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It's Kenley. I knew this had to happen. She looks adorable, that nasty jerk. She VO's that she knows she can come off as snobby, stuck up and rude. Stop. But screw everyone else and do what you love, she says. So, I guess I'm loving that Kenley has apparently not changed one little bit. So clueless. She and Jerell bump into each other in the park and give each other a hug. So, they all meet at Limelight. Rami, he of the Xanadu costume design, says that he has heard some "stories" about Limelight when it was a club. Come off it, Rami. As if you weren't doing blow with Rupert Everett off of some hooker's skateboard there in 1990. Sweet P's there too! And, here's Gordana Gehlhausen, a person I know nothing about. I didn't watch one moment of that season. She seems nice enough. Oh God, yay! There's April from last season! Her hair is silver and I love it! There's Kara Janx. I waited on her a couple of months ago. She was lovely (a little high maintenance) and her husband is smoking.

Angela Lindvall, our supermodel and host, greets the designers. Mila reminds us that Angela has worked in all aspects of fashion modeling. She's a pro. April says that she's happy for a "new perspective" which sounds suspiciously like "I hope Heidi Klum chokes on a peanut this winter." Angela tells the designers that the prize for winning this competition is a biggie: a boutique in Neiman Marcus stores and on their website. This is huge. Also, the winner will get (along with the usual pictorial) a year-long guest editorship at Marie Claire. Wow. Nina's comments may come back to haunt her in the form of stolen yogurt from the company fridge. Where's your probiotic now, Garcia? Also, they'll get a whole bunch of technology and equipment and office space, not to mention a hundred grand. Nice, right? All of it adds up to about a half a mil. "That's a lot of prizes," remarks Sweet P.

Angela reminds them all that they have a clean slate in the competition. Also, since they're all-stars, there will be no immunity in the challenges. It's time to meet the new judges and Anthony interviews that he doesn't know anything about these new people, so he's going to keep one eye open. My suggestion would be for him to just go ahead and keep all of his eyes open, but I'm overly cautious like that. The first judge is Georgina Chapman from Marchesa. So pretty! Also, Isaac Mizrahi. Elisa uncomfortably and super-earnestly tells us that she has so much respect for how Isaac has reinvented himself. True, before he was a guy talking about fashion on Bravo and now he's on Lifetime. Revolutionary, really.

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