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Sacred Geometry

Afterwards, Rami, Jerell, Elisa, Sweet P, Gordana and Mondo are the top and bottom. They start with Rami and it's clear that they love his look. Isaac thinks that he really nailed the execution. Ken thinks it could pass for an actual designer look. They move to Sweet P and they are not fans. Isaac thinks that it looks unfinished and Georgina thinks that she should have been more precise with her color blocking. Georgina felt that Jerell's look was very wearable. Ken feels that the hemline was very of the moment. Elisa explains that she is very into sacred geometry. That's right. She doesn't really expand on what that means and I have no problem with that because I'm loving her love of sacred geometry. She says that there's a story on the wings and Ken says you shouldn't have to hear a story to get the clothes. You should see the story. They all LOVE Mondo's look. Ken says that he would actually like to sell that very dress, sans the materials that need to be hosed down after being worn. Isaac loves his sense of proportion. Georgina thinks that Gordana puts too many ideas in a single design. Georgina thinks that Jerell didn't work to surprise them enough. She also really has a problem that she couldn't know Elisa's garment without READING it.

The designers return to the stage. Jerell is in. Mondo vs. Rami. The winner is Rami! He's so happy because he was able to show that he doesn't just drape! Everyone is happy backstage. Back to the losers. Gordana is in. Angela tells Sweet P that she needs to not question herself so much. Elisa's out! She gets hugs backstage and she tells Sweet P that she's so glad that she's safe. That's just really nice. She interviews that Valentino's message told her to continue to make beautiful things. I hope you do!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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