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Even cooler? Carolyn tells them that one of the guest judges will be Kylie Minogue. Holy crap. Anthony Ryan responds most rationally and sort of dissolves into hysterical clap/jump screaming. I mean, I try to play it cool but I'd be pretty excited if I knew I was going to be hanging out with Kylie. Anthony Ryan thinks that she's the biggest guest judge in Project Runway history. He must be forgetting about that time Parker Posey was a guest, because recognize.

Carolyn tells the designers to get started and they start sprinting towards the mall-like section of the Seaport. They run up an escalator and Joshua is the first to see that the store that is the center of their challenge is a Christmas store. Santa is waiting at the front of the store. Seriously, how does he get everything done? He's stretched thinner than Rihanna? Uli is worried about how much stuff she has to buy to be able to cover her dress. Most everyone is revealed to be a little freaked out. Joshua says that he's looking for ornaments that can be broken down. Laura Kathleen is thinking about making a mod dress with a lot of beading. So, she's looking for everything that is silver and shiny. Emilio is staying with pink stuff because he doesn't want anything to scream "Christmas." That said, my friend and I were talking recently about how we need to reclaim the green and red color combo for the non-Christmas occasions. It's beautiful and flattering and I don't see why Christmas gets EVERYTHING. Anyway, Emilio says that he's going to try his hardest to stay away from anything even remotely Christmas-colored.

Santa comes out and tells the designers that they have one more minute to shop. Everyone thanks him and Uli adds that she has been a very good girl this season. Casanova is maybe breaking the rule about not pouting. He is not happy with this challenge in the least. He thinks that the only thing he can do with all of the gold and silver and shiny stuff around is to make a live piƱata. I'm down for that. He starts grabbing red and gold stuff, but he really has no idea what he is going to do. Emilio says that a big fat white man who climbs down your chimney (pronounced how Schmidt on New Girl says "chutney") in the middle of the night would get shot in his neighborhood. That's called a burglar. He thinks this is very funny, which actually sort of succeeds in the selling the joke to me. At least for a minute.

They head back to the workroom with their Christmas booty. Ivy says that she wants to make a flapper-like dress that is more mini than the traditional representation of the idea. She wants to create beautiful movement and texture with the garland that she bought, which, frankly, already sounds like a problem. Everything I see her touching looks very stiff and that might lend to the texture, but I think there won't be much movement at all. Casanova tells her that he thinks she's committing herself to too much work but she assures him that it isn't. Uli jokes that the two of them should have come to the competition as one person. I think everyone has been a little unfair about their friendship. They have a real working relationship. I don't see why they have to act like they don't. Talking over the ideas that are running through your head is one of the benefits of being collegial and fucking decent. It's not like they are fighting with some sort of secret weapon. Look at Melissa from the last real season. She was incredibly friendly and engaging and got a lot of help from people. At least she did before they got all crazy and cut her off. She didn't do anything really wrong though and Casanova and Ivy are even less in the wrong, because they are exclusively and willingly using each other for support. Fine, they've actually jumped in and worked on the others' looks before, but I say that membership should have its privileges. Your nice and support your friend? Great, your friend glue guns shit to your dress when you're really busy. Uli says they are like two bodies and one mind. She thinks it's very helpful for their work but she wonders what will happen when one of them goes home. We see the two of them joking- Casanova wraps a tree skirt around Ivy's neck and says that he has made a poncho and is done with his look. She giggles so much when he jokes. I think it's really cute. Josh tells them that he left the house once wearing the same thing as a cape. Great.

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