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Casanova is truly in the dumps. Joanna suggests that maybe it doesn't look as bad as he thinks it does and he asks her if she wants to wear his dress. She does not. Point taken. His thing is that he's not really a glue guy, but he's going to have to be one for this challenge. Joanna moves to Emilio and immediately says that, upon seeing the neck piece that he has created, she would have no idea that the materials came from a Christmas store. He says that was his intention. Most of his fabric though is ribbons, which Joanna says is not enough. Josh rags on it and says it reminds him of students in design school.

Anthony Ryan only has some adornments on the waist of his dress form, but Joanna thinks that it's very beautiful. She says that it's not Christmasy, but it does suggest winter. He responds that, since Kylie is one of the guest judges, he is interested in making a "stage dress". We laymen usually refer to that as a costume, the scourge of Project Runway. I wonder if he's comfortable enough just trying to change the word that is said instead of making something that isn't a costume. He's going to use a lot of mirrored pieces on his dress. Ivy feels like Anthony Ryan is mimicking Uli's design. That's funny, I hadn't considered that. But, Ivy continues, saying that Uli is known for this overly trimmed look. She also says that Anthony Ryan is often inspired by the designs of others, but she doesn't really say it like that's a bad thing. Before leaving him, Joanna tells Anthony Ryan that he has glitter all over his face. She only just noticed?

Uli tells Joanna that this is her kind of challenge. Joanna thinks that it looks a little like the dress that Uli made for the '70s challenge. Eh, it is kind of the same shape and Uli acknowledges that, but she says that the new dress is going to be much more structured than what she did earlier. Laura Kathleen says that there are maybe some cool ideas in the looks that Anthony Ryan and Uli are making, but really she just thinks that they bought a lot of stuff from the same color palette and are throwing it on a dress.

Then, Joanna moves onto Laura Kathleen and at first glance her dress is super similar to Uli's, so whatever. Joanna congratulates her on her win during the previous challenge and she says that it was one of her biggest moments in fashion so far. I believe that. Good for her. She really wants that watch though. She says that this isn't about who needs it but about who deserves it. OK, no one needs a luxury watch. I don't know what she's talking about. It sounds oddly like she's taking up some weird conservative talking point and using it because she's been so ostentatious about her privilege when she was young. So, yeah, just shut up LK. She has put pockets on her dress, which is cute. Joanna says that she thinks the girls are ahead for this challenge. Ivy explains her look to Joanna and she says that she thinks it is very creative and she would not know that the materials she is using came from a Christmas shop. Before she leaves, Joanna reminds them to use the Nine West accessories wall.

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