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After she is gone, Casanova still hates what he's making. He tells Emilio that he's going to start over, with only three hours left. The models come in for their fittings. Anthony finally says that his look is actually a costume, because he had to break it down for his model. Ivy says that they are running out of time and put their models to work on their look, as if they were their elves.

Uli notes that Casanova is working on his third dress for this challenge. It's obvious that he is without any direction. He looks in the trash can and starts looking for stuff to make his look work. Uli is feeling the pressure, but she thinks everyone else is too. That night, at the hotel, the girls say that they are concerned for Emilio. In the boys' room, Josh tells Casanova that, the next day, he needs to go around and see what stuff the other designers are not using. Then, he needs to throw it on his dress.

The next day comes and Emilio is embarrassed that he has to glue a lot of his look. He says that this is the first time he has ever done that, while Anthony Ryan tells him that there is a first time for everything. Casanova goes around grabbing stuff that the other designers can spare. Hair and make-up happens and no one makes out with Scott Patric, make-up daddy. I don't know what that's about. Uli's dress is exactly like what she wanted to make. She also approves of Anthony Ryan's and Laura Kathleen's looks.

Anthony Ryan thinks that Ivy's look is very old, but she seems happy with it. Uli likes Josh's bra-let, but she hates the shorts that he has made. Emilio is having glue gun problems. He can't work a glue gun. Shit. He says that his dress is the worst thing that he has ever presented. I guess he's even included that strings and washers disaster. Wow.

Carolyn greets them all on the runway. She introduces Georgina and Isaac. La La Anthony is the first guest judge. The girl from MTV. That seems odd as a choice. Then, she introduces International Pop Icon, Kylie Minogue! Love Kylie so much. The show begins with Anthony Ryan's design. It's a cocktail dress that is short and completely adorned with silver leaf-type trimmings. There's a high neck in the front with some mirror action on the bust. There's a cut out in the middle of the back, which is cute. He seems very happy with it.

Ivy's look is next and it's kind of similar to her last look, though much more successful. It's gold and short again. She used garland or something to make a kind of crinoline effect on the bottom of the skirt. That's kind of cute but she used this sheer fabric over the neckline and it makes the look seem old. Joshua's look is next. I mean, its underwear. It's kind of fabulous, like a Frida Kahlo painting by way of Amanda Lepore, but that doesn't really make it less terrific. It's just not very sophisticated is all.

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