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the stage and celebrate. The models return to the stage. Heidi says that they had a rare unanimous decision. It's Gretchen! Michael thinks it's wearable but interesting. Nina thought it was sophisticated. Selma liked it too.

The others are all in the bottom. They hate that Ivy didn't really change Peach's stupid pants. Jason gets slammed for just turning a bathrobe backwards. April gets spanked for deconstructing a look without making it look polished. Nina hates McKell's styling. Michael agrees. Heidi says it's "butt ugly." She thinks that Nicholas's gown is boring and weird. He gets a little weepy. Michael thinks that Casanova's look is like a "pole dancer in Dubai." Selma likes that it at least got a reaction from her. Heidi asks him to defend himself, but he doesn't understand the question. So, Nina translates the question in whatever crazy language they speak. He says he's a big thinker.

The judges debate while the designers are backstage. Ivy thinks she's going home. The designers return to the runway and Nicholas and Jason are passed through. McKell is out. Wow, cutting to the chase. She goes backstage and everybody cheers because they think she made it. They're shocked. She gets hugs from everyone. Ivy and Casanova make it through. They go backstage and cheer as McKell stares on. Tim tells her that he thought her dress was adorable, though ill-fitting. She says that no one would get anything done if they quit after their first defeat. True dat.

The designers make their way to the Atlas Building! They all settle in and go to sleep, excited that they are finally part of the show!

Jeff Long is a writer/actor in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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