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er Christopher's spell because the dress looks like a fern-printed Snuggie and not in a good way. He is worried and tells her she has a lot to do. Tim tries to shake off the last encounter and turns to Nicolas for some relief. Instead he finds another fashion faux pas in the making. Nicolas claims that he is designing for a fashion forward woman, but Tim is biting his knuckle in order to prevent screaming, "The horror!" and wrinkles his forehead before muttering something about silhouettes and tailoring. He tries Logan, but to no avail. Logan has no wow factor and a lot of work to do. But I bet his white teeth and perfect skin will carry him through to the next round. At long last Tim finds Irina. She has done a lot of work already and created some incredibly unattractive brown pants that look like they are done in one of those modern fabrics that you can just wipe the stain right off of. She also has a camel colored sweater with the biggest cowl neck I have ever seen. It's almost a parody of a cowl neck it is so big, like it should be walking down the runway of a Christopher Guest mockumentary of the fashion industry. She is also creating a fur vest and the mention of "fur" and "vest" in the same sentence sends Tim scurrying to the cry room.

The models come pouring into the room and their visit is ill timed, because few of the designers have anything to put on them yet. Logan's jeans are too small for his fat ass model. (Kidding! But seriously Celine did you need that extra taco? Kidding. But think about it.) Gordana's necklace looks fabulous on her model, but there is no dress in sight. Irina takes some time out of her busy day to explain that all the other designers are far inferior to her and lack her drive to make clothes really well. Carol Hannah cuts in to explain that Irina is not here to make friends. Um, yeah, I am pretty sure we all noticed that. Nicolas explains that he has never worked with jersey before and he isn't liking the drape or the look of the fabric. Hmm. Guess you should have chosen something you were familiar with, then, eh? What, Mood was out of white material? WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? All eyes then turn to Christopher's garment and Althea can't help but opine that if Christopher sends his dress down the runway and doesn't get sent home she will be surprised. Luckily Christopher is listening to the thoughts in Althea's head and realizes his dress screams Lutheran fellowship hall or as he says "Little House on the Prairie". He rethinks and then hacks twenty inches off the bottom of his dress. It's amazing how twenty inches can take a dress from Lutheran to just ugly.

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