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Where the Frock Hits the Fan
se of place. Christopher is IN. You can see the Yee-ouch written all over Nicolas's face. I mean really going up against a four-time bottom denizen and LOSING has got to sting a bit. And do you remember way back at the beginning of the show that preppy guy who got kicked off because he was a three-time loser? I bet that guy is PISSED even though he was a lazy designer with a knack for displeasing the judges. Nicolas smiles bleakly and shrugs at Heidi who gets up to kiss him auf. Milla almost cries as she watches Nicolas's dreams go up in smoke and asks the judges how they stand it every week. They stand it BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOULS, Milla. They are the embodiment of RESIDENT EVIL and you should probably wipe them off the face of the earth. Nicolas goes back stage and chides people for crying (although it is only Christopher, who is just feeling sorry for himself anyway) and claims that he is going to be a sheepherder in Japan or something. Tim comes in to send him upstairs. Hey Nicolas, bet you wish you had designed an outfit for New York, huh?

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