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Now we have Anthony's design. It's a halter dress with a big bow on the hip. I know everyone hates bows, but I think it's kind of cute. The neck looks a little off, but I don't think it's that bad. Anthony is a big fan of the print and hopes that the judges like it too.

Anna's dress is next and it's really pretty. It's a lemon/champagne dress with a halter neck and scooped neckline. The skirt is flowing and moves beautifully. The back is criss-crossed and shows a lot of skin. Anna is proud of herself because she's new to creating work rapidly.

Maya is our next victim. She created a short tan dress with a dark flourish of fabric at the shoulder. It's pretty dramatic and reminds me of Christian Siriano. She says that she is excited to be here with her peers, though she wants to beat them.

After the show, Heidi calls Amy, Anna, Ben, Janeane, Jay, Jesse and forward. She also calls Maya, Mila and Pamela. They are all safe. I wonder if she did it that way to make everybody nervous for a second, OR if it's because the last three were close to being in the bottom. The safe people leave the stage and the models for the rest return.

They start with Anthony. He says that he was going for feminine, fun and functional. Heidi likes the bottom, but is not a fan of the top. Michael says that it looks like he glued several dress together. He doesn't think many women are going to want the bow on the hip. He says a woman could wear it to a garden party to steal champagne bottles. Though embarrassed, Anthony can't help but laugh at his joke. Nina thinks that the print and the silhouette are conflicting, which a pretty good point. The print looks like it belongs in another dress. Nicole points out that the back is too tight and short, but overall, she thinks it's beautiful and that he did a good job under pressure. Anthony thanks the judges for being nice. He says that he thought he was going to disintegrate, which gets a big laugh from the judges.

It's Seth Aaron's turn to describe his look. He calls his look "Little Tokyo." She's going to the VMA's and is "rocking it New Wave punk-style." Still hate it. Nicole disagrees with me. She thinks that, from head to toe, he has created the most cohesive look. She thinks that he knows his audience. Heidi thinks it's fun. Nina really "appreciates" the back, which Michael likes as well.

Ping says that she wanted her look to appear like fabric just placed on a hanger. Then, as it moves, it shifts and changes. Nicole says that the look got her attention immediately. She thought it was a show all by itself and she would even wear it. Nina thinks that the outfit looks uncomfortable and Ping's all, "Nooooo." Seriously though, that's what she cares most about. Michael thinks that this is a great first project for her. It really showed who she was.

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