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Heidi tells Jesus that she doesn't think his dress is very fashionable. Michael agrees. He thinks it looks like a crocodile trunk exploded on an evening gown. He also finds it "unwieldy." Heidi, being brilliant and having the eyes of an eagle, wonders if the dress started off short. Crazy! It did! Nina thinks his model looks like a chocolate bar. Nicole thinks that it could be a great dress, but it needs more thought.

Christiane says that she was shooting for sophisticated and elegant. Nina likes the draping, but is not a fan of her fabrics. She can see every detail of the construction. Michael thinks that the draping looks labored.

Emilio explains that he was trying to display technical knowledge with construction. Michael says that it's deceptively simple -- you'd never know the extent of work necessary to do what he did. Nina thinks that the dress would have a lot of hanger appeal. Nicole loves the skirt -- she thinks it was a great choice.

The designers leave while the judges confer. Nina reiterates that she had a problem with Anthony's print and silhouette combo. Heidi found Christiane's design unsophisticated. Nicole thought there was no theme. She says that she actually liked Jesus's dress. Nina agrees that there was something unexpected about it. Michael thinks it had all of the clich├ęs of "Isn't this glamorous?" Wow, that's funny and hits LOW.

Michael thinks that Seth Aaron's dress would be commercial. Nicole loved Emilio's skirt. Heidi thinks it might be too "sweet," but Nina thinks that the fabric choice saved it. Michael says that Ping's design transported you. Nicole says that it was her favorite look. They've made their decision!

The designers return. Ping is safe and she gets a "well done." Emilio is the winner! He seems thrilled. He interviews that he's afraid a target will be on his back. I don't know how that could affect you. Seth Aaron is in. Anthony is in! He gasps and asks Heidi if he heard her correctly. She tells him to leave the stage before she changes her mind. Heidi tells Christiane that they have no idea who she is. She tells Jesus that he has questionable taste. And, somebody's got to go, but it's not him! Christiane is out! She gets her Auf Wiedersehen and leaves. She interviews that she is really disappointed. She doesn't feel that her design was the worst.

Tim meets her backstage and tells her that he regrets that she must leave. With nary a trace of bitterness, she says that she is thankful for the experience. Good luck, Christiane!

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