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Here's Jay Nicolas Sario, our faux-hawked, tanned and tank-topped designer who is 31 and from San Francisco. His suitcase is as big as he is and it's a fanny pack. That's how tiny Jay is. He dryly intones that his aesthetic is eclectic. He likes things to be dramatic. We see photos of a couple of his designs and they are indeed dramatic. Lots of detail. There's a short pantsuit that is really unique. Part-feminine, part-post-apocalyptic, part-circus. Cool stuff. There is also an evening gown that is whimsical and incredibly detailed. He says that he doesn't care about making a lot of money. Actually, he says that he doesn't WANT to make a lot of money, but I'm betting that he means that he doesn't care so much about being a part of the machine. He wants to concentrate on creating work that he loves.

Once Jay is in the apartment, Anthony jokes that the broken bed belongs to Jay. Jay, I kid you not, laughs a little and says that, since he's skinniest amongst the four of them, he'll be fine on the broken bed. Bitch did NOT! But he did. Seth Aaron says that he's 180. I don't know why he told that. Jay says that he's 145. Ben takes a moment to decide that he's 1...52. Yeah, I don't know what was happening there. As for Anthony? He's "thirsty." Excellent.

In the girls' apartment, Pamela Ptak enters. She is 47 and from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Ping and Janeane greet her with hugs. That's sweet. I like that they're all hugging over there. Pamela explains that she had another career before attempting one in fashion. She tells Ping that she worked in advertising and got as far as she wanted to go. She wants new challenges now. Hmm, perhaps it just sounds a little stale because she had to repeat herself dozens of times to the producers and whatnot, but I sensed a little, I don't know, defensiveness in her speech there. Like, she really needs everyone to know that she hasn't been trying to make it in fashion design all these years. She was doing something else. Something else at which she was brilliant. Just like she is at fashion design now! But, she didn't want it AT ALL until like 10 minutes ago. Save it for the runway, Pamela. You're not going to really prove anything in the apartment. We see some photos of her work and it's mostly unremarkable. There's a gown that has some interesting structure to it, but otherwise it all appears a bit home-sewn. She tells us that she has a business making custom garments for private clients. The mannequins are like, "Thank goodness we don't have feet. Have to dodge all that bullshit down there." I don't know why I'm being such an asshole. Pamela is probably just trying to use her advertising background to help her chances by branding herself as upscale and passionate. It feels desperate though and I think she should just concentrate on the work. But, we're three minutes into the season, so why don't I just calm down? Pamela tells us that she's a type-A personality.

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