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Here's Anna Marie Lynett, 23, from Milwaukee. She greets everyone and says that she can't believe that she's there. She is adorable. We meet Jonathan Peters who is 29 and from Providence, Rhode Island. He says that he is "kind of an animal" when it comes to competition. Then, he growls. You see, in comparison to Janeane, Jonathan just strikes me as dated. He just thinks he's going to get attention by being FIERCE. FYI - I think I'm gonna hate Jonathan. After viewing and re-viewing four billion hours of this program, I'm beyond comfortable with these snap judgments. I'm equally at ease with admitting I'm wrong (I won't be). He tells us that he has begun hand-painting his designs. We see a few photos and, I don't know. Everything's a little too drape-y, but the painting is pretty nice. It all looks like depression glass. He's trying to find the place where "gritty meets pretty." Fine, he sounds like a tool, but that experiment could produce some cool stuff. In fact, I saw the Marilyn Minter exhibit in Cincinnati a few months ago and it explored those same themes and was pretty compelling. But, Jonathan will need to walk and not just talk, so we'll see. Jonathan is the first person in his apartment and kicks his shoes off.

Jesse Lenoir enters. He is 24, from Orlando and dreamy. He looks like Lee Pace, no? He tells Jonathan that he was an actor. Then, he tells us that he works at Disney World portraying the Johnny Depp Caribbean pirate. We see a photo and he's cute. He tells us that, as an actor, he learned how to sew. Then, he taught himself how to design. We see some of his garments and they are all sweet dresses. He looks to have a lot of personal style, so I hope that translates more to his designs than what we just saw. Cause that shizz was Forever 21. Jonathan tells Jesse that he is self-taught as well. Jesse says that they have to stick together, but I think he said that more out of not knowing what to say next than really meaning it.

Approaching Atlas is Mila Hermanovski. She is 40 and from LA. She tells us that she took a detour from her fashion design career and worked in costuming for films and television. Her stuff looks pretty clean and formal -- a little Helmut Lang. She thinks that she gained a unique perspective from working in costume design and is ready to show the world what she can do.

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