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Tim meets them at the workroom and introduces the HP etch-a-sketch that each of the designers will have. It's a way to sketch without having to be great at it. They have been assigned models and they have cards with the measurements of their model. Also, the winner of this challenge will have immunity in the next challenge.

With Tim gone, they all get to work. Seth Aaron announces that he will assault the judges with his essence. Janeane interviews that she has designed a black cocktail dress with pleating and cap sleeves. She tells Ben that she found one fabric that she liked, so she's using that for her entire look. Emilio is designing a dress that he feels like exhibits his talent with color, style and fit. Ping likes to see her designs on a human, so she drapes on herself. Cue funny looks from other designers. She says that she anticipated that her work style would be different from the other designers. Jonathan thinks that people are having problems with the time constraints of the challenge.

Later, Tim enters and tells the designers that they will get to meet with their models for 30 minutes. Madcap fitting ensues. Jesus decides that, since his model is very tall, he should lengthen his dress. I thought he got the measurements?

In the sewing room, Jonathan asks what everyone is wearing to the runway show. Anna asks him the same question. He answers that he wants to wear something that he can be dignified in as he's being sent home. Hmm, truthful. Perhaps I will have to rethink my casting of Jonathan as resident shit stirrer.

Tim returns to talk to the designers. Christiane wonders if her design is bold enough. Tim tells her to finish it impeccably and stand by it with confidence. He finds Ping wrapped in all of her fabrics. He asks her if she's cold and she laughs and says that she is designing with those fabrics. In fact, she's wearing her design. Tim asks why that's the case and she explains that she likes to design her looks on actual humans. Also, she doesn't have a dress form at home. He wonders if she can have perspective when she's wearing it, but she says that she would only give to a client a design that she would want to wear. I don't think he knows what else to say to her. Seth Aaron has a visible zipper on his dress and Tim asks him his comfort level with the zipper. He likes it, but Tim wonders if it can be cartoonish. Seth Aaron adamantly states that this is what he's doing. He talks to Janeane and points out that her fabric is showing every imperfection in her construction. She interviews with more of those non-tears that she's realizing that she cannot send this dress down the runway. Anthony has a bold print matched with an odd green fabric. Tim wonders why he would introduce a weird supporting character when he has such a wonderful leading lady. I like that metaphor. Anthony says that he didn't introduce it, he just showed it to Tim, who clearly didn't like it so it's out. Tim talks to Jesus and doesn't like the seam where he elongated his dress. Emilio tells Tim that he wanted to create an ombre with fabric. Tim is worried that he won't have enough time to finish. He points out that no one in the history of the show has just not sent out an outfit for the runway show. Now, Tim, why would you say something like that? That's only going to freak him out! And, it does. Emilio says that his skirt is in pieces on his work table. Tim tells all of the designers that he's worried about them. He admires their ambition, but bitches got to finish.

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