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After he's gone, everyone scrambles. Christiane thinks that she might win the challenge. Janeane non-cries that, with two hours left in the day, she decided to start over. The mannequins are like, "Well, looky here, we've got the great Helen Hayes in our presence. Give us some Hedda Gabler, you big ham!" Jonathan worries that her choice could have devastating effects. Emilio only has the top part of his dress completed at the end of the day. "Why? Why? Why me?" he asks.

The next day, the designers return to the workroom. This means that Jesse is not getting eliminated, because we haven't even seen him shirtless yet. I mean, seriously, that's how it works. Janeane seems calmer than the night before. Emilio hasn't even put his design on his model. Mila tells Christiane that her design is looking a little messy. She interviews that Christiane's lack of construction skills is going to hurt her. Ouch. Ping knows that her designs are very different and the judges may hate it. Jonathan says that her design is "very Ping" and she may go home. Suck it, hater. What? That just came out. Tim enters and welcomes them to their first runway day. He sends in the models and gives them an hour for hair and make-up. Jesus loves his dress on his model. Anthony is nervous. He's worried about not having enough time to finish. Christiane is feeling confident. Even Emilio finishes! He likes it too! And, glory be, Janeane finishes. Seth Aaron thinks that he could definitely win.

On the runway, Heidi greets them and tells them they're in or out. Because Nina Garcia has a new job, the winner will have a layout in Marie Claire. She introduces Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Nina! I've missed you. The guest judge is Nicole Richie. The show begins. Jonathan's design is first. It's a cocktail dress. Hmm. It's pretty interesting. The skirt is black and flowing. The bodice is a white and black fabric that's pretty sophisticated. There is a large cutout on the back. Jonathan is very happy with it.

Next is Seth Aaron's dress. It's a black and white plaid dress. At the hem of the dress, there are pleats that create a sort of donut cloud. Otherwise, the dress is pretty fitted. There's a visible red zipper up the back of the bodice. There is some sort of suspender action with the straps. OK, it looks well-made, but I think this is seriously dated. Just like Seth Aaron. He's thrilled with it. He thinks it looks better on the runway than when he was making it.

Here is Jesus's gown. It's tacky. It's skintight crocodile skin. There's this gaudy halter business that's a no. In the back, there's a vent allowing for a long brown chiffon train. Speaking of trains, there's been a wreck. He, however, loves it. It fits well and I think that's the only thing he can think about.

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