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Ben's dress is next. It's a short dress of a shimmering pink fabric (actually, I saw online that he combined two fabrics to create this look). There's a sort of futuristic silhouette. The shoulders are exaggerated and pointed and the hips are also pronounced. Ben feels that he is giving the judges a good glimpse of what he does.

Here's Jay's look. It's a strapless cocktail dress. It's a pattern of white and green on the top of the skirt is gray/brown with flowered fabric on the hips and in the center at the waist. I don't know about that center bunch, but the hips look pretty cool. Jay says that he believes in the garment.

Here's Pamela's dress. It's pink. It seems pretty simple. The skirt flows and the sleeves are long and blousy. It's very Maria Von Trapp. It's pretty, but doesn't seem that special. It's much more interesting from the back.

Next is Emilio's look. Wow. It's a one-shouldered cocktail dress with a flowing skirt. The real interest though is the construction. It's like he created his own fabric. It's really beautiful and he's very happy with it.

Here's Jesse's look. At first, it appears to be a tweed dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves. At the end of the runway, his model removes a tweed coat and reveals that there is a bright red blouse beneath. Costume-y, but cute. He feels like he showed the judges his skill.

Here's Ping's look. It's really interesting. The blouse is orange and completely shapeless, except that it's sexy. The skirt is a weird green fade and there's one suspender strap from the right hip. Ping is very happy with it. Her model does a cute little kick-ball-change at the end of the runway.

And now we have Christiane. It's a short cocktail dress in royal blue. She added swatches of patterned fabric on top of it that look like an afterthought. This is not pretty.

Here's Amy's design. It's a strapless white top paired with a black and white diamond skirt. The skirt is voluminous and creates a bubble. The top of the bodice is asymmetrical and creates a really weird freak show effect. I like that. She is happy with her design.

Janeane's design is next... and it's not half bad! She paired a scoop-neck translucent black blouse with a short and shapeless white skirt. I think it looks very hip and altogether better than her initial design. She seems relieved that she finished her design and it doesn't look bad.

Mila's design is next. I am not a fan. It's like a Chanel suit without the class. Seriously. The skirt is gray and loose. The jacket is opened and blue and weird. I don't like this. She, however, thinks that it's great.

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