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Black And White

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Black And White

KoMC says that Jeffrey's outfit looks "costume-y and cheap." Damn. Coming from him, that's not good. Laura seems more confident. Vincent breaks the zipper on his big fat Javi. Everybody, for the most part, uses their scraps in a handbag, which seems like cheating, but good for them. That was a stupid part of the challenge anyway.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges. They are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen, who I swear to all that is holy I beat in a dance-off about four years ago. Epic. He seems kind bitchy on the dance floor, but he's a fox.

The show begins. Angela's dress is first. It seems kind of original, but forced. It's a baby-doll slip dress with this stiff, high collared shrug. The shrug is lined with a million white fleurchons (which has effectively worked its way into my lexicon -- well done, Jubilee Jumbles). Angela loves the silhouette. Again, it doesn't seem too wearable, but it's interesting. I'm not really seeing anything "Chinese opera" about Clarissa's make-up, though.

Kayne of Many Colors's dress is next. From the front, it's a plain black jersey dress with mid-length sleeves and a high neckline. From the back, it's backless with white ribbon and netting. It makes the middle of her back look like a trampoline, which seems horrific. KoMC says that he feels fine about his dress having barely any white in it.

Next up is Camilla in Laura's dress. It's cute. It's a minidress with cap sleeves, with a fair amount of décolletage. The fabric is black lace on white and, at the bottom of the dress, feathers are attached. There aren't enough feathers to change the silhouette, just enough to create the desired effect. Laura says it's very Josephine Baker -- 1920s. Okay. I'll take her word for that.

Michael's is next. It's a white jersey dress that fits loosely at the shoulders, so one of the straps is off the shoulder. It's really fitted throughout, and there's a thick black belt at the waist. The belt has some flowers glued to it. Sounds like somebody picked up a thing or three from our girl Angela. The styling is really good. Nazri looks a little like Beyoncé, with big dramatic hair and huge earrings. Michael thinks his dress is good, because he made the only white one.

Here we have Jeffrey's wreck -- I mean, "outfit." It's a mixture of Hee Haw and Flashdance. The top is a white, off-the-shoulder ruffle blouse, with some sort of tank top beneath it. It's matched with a micro-mini black-and-white checkered skirt. And thigh-high black leather leggings. She looks like she'd be a huge hit at a cocktail party. Minus the "tail." Jeffrey thinks it's a very sexy, hip outfit.

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