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Black And White

Uli's dress is next. It's a short, strapless dress. Except she also has sleeves that are flow-y and extend the length of the dress. Plus, there's that big tumor-looking necklace. I know it's an interesting silhouette, but I think this dress is busted.

Javi comes out in Vincent's dress. It is far too small for her. It looks trashy, but with kind of matronly sewing on it. Weird. Plus, the scarf thing he made is like twice the size of the dress. It's all weird. Vincent acknowledges the wrongness of it all.

After the designs have been scored, the models return. They start the questioning with Michael. He says he was looking for something sexy, sensual, and edgy. Zac loves it. He thinks it's chic. Nina loves the styling. Michael reveals that he stuck the extra fabric in Nazri's handbag.

Nina hates the proportion of Vincent's dress. It makes the dress look cheap. They think he could have added the shawl to the bottom of his dress.

Michael hates Uli's necklace. Uli does too, but she says she had to do something with the extra fabric. Nina doesn't like the length of the sleeves. Uli pulls them up a little, and everyone likes them more. Zac thinks shorter sleeves look more delicate. He seems really engaged; I like that.

Zac thinks that Angela's dress is overwhelming. Nina thinks it's unrealistic that someone would wear it to a cocktail party. They give her shit for stuffing her bag with the extra fabric instead of actually using it. Michael says that Jeffrey's outfit doesn't look chic. Zac thinks that he could have been edgier and more elegant. Snap. Nina gently suggests that Jeffrey might want to try to do something besides his punky-L.A. shtick. It's funny that no one's talked about the sameness of his designs yet.

Laura made a bag with her extra fabric. She sounds defeated as she's explaining it. Michael Kors loves the dress. He thinks it's chic, yet a hell of a lot more youthful than her other stuff. She says she worked really hard on it. Zac says that the dress could be sold right now. Heidi likes that the feathers aren't overwhelming. Nina says that it's a point of view they haven't seen from Laura.

KoMC says that he was trying to show that he could edit. Zac loves the front of the dress, but hates the white ribbon in the back. Nina likes that he tried to stretch, but she's not happy with the results.

The judges collaborate. Michael thinks Angela's shrug looked like it was made for a vampire. They love Michael Knight's presentation. Nina says there's "no excuse" for the proportions of Vincent's dress. Um, there is actually an excuse, isn't there? I mean, his model died, for Christ's sake. I know this is a chance they didn't even have to give him, but -- there IS an excuse. Right? I don't know. Why couldn't they find a model with similar proportions? Nina thinks that Jeffrey should introduce a "luxury element" to his designs. Michael feels like he only gets Gwen Stefani from Jeffrey. His shit is bananas.

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