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Black And White

Zac likes the "ease" of Uli's dress. Nina wants to know if they're going to see anything else from her. Then Michael mocks Uli's accent and how she's always mentioning wearing her designs in warm weather. Nina gets a kick out of the impression. Heidi? Not so amused. Nina feels like KoMC listened to their criticism from before, but he still has a long way to go. Michael is just glad the dress didn't look like Elvis. Zac points out that our Kayne of Absence and Presence of All Colors For This Challenge is still getting to know who he is as a designer.

They love Laura's dress. Zac thinks it looked really expensive. Nina says she finally designed for someone besides herself. They're done talking. Now some heads are gonna roll.

The winner is announced. It's Laura! She's thrilled, but she's not immune for the next challenge. Michael Knight whispers, "Congratulations." She says, "Thanks, honey," and walks offstage. She interviews that she's getting her second wind.

Angela is once again "out." She interviews that she has loved and hated every second of the competition. Okay. Vincent is also "out" again. He says that he will make beautiful music, he's so good at it, it's a gift. I know. Crazy. Michael is "in." Uli is "in."

So it's down to KoMC and Jeffrey. Heidi says that our Kayne of Many Colors has stretched himself, but they wonder about his taste level. She tells Jeffrey that he's all edge, no elegance. KoMC is the one who's "out." Jeffrey hugs him as he leaves the runway. Uli hugs Jeffrey backstage and says "Yes, rock star!"

Kayne of Many Colors thanks all of the judges for the opportunity and walks backstage. He interviews that he really wants to have a clothing line and not be a seamstress forever. Everyone hugs him backstage. Uli calls him their "sunshine." KoMC says that he's not really a bitch; he just plays one on TV. And Joan Collins farts dust, that joke is so old. On his losing design, in the workroom, he pins what looks like a really long note. We hear him say that he's ready for his career to be in the fast lane. Good luck, Kayne of Many Colors. You have been an absolute blast. You're funny and talented, and I'm sure we'll see much more from you.

Update: Jia has made a full recovery. More importantly, she's still modeling.

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