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Leanne explains her inspiration. Sandra thinks that it's very pretty. Michael likes that it's separates. Heidi finds it impeccable and says that she would wear it in a heartbeat.

Jennifer describes her inspiration and describes the "surrealism" in her personal design style. Michael doesn't get any surrealism in her design. He thinks the finishing is off as well. Heidi says that she wrote "matronly" immediately when she saw the design. Nina thinks it's "OK," but boring.

The judges liked Terri. Sandra adored it. Michael loved the pants and dress. They liked the energy of Kenley's design. Leanne's was modern and wearable. Heidi explains to Sandra that Leanne was almost off during the last challenge because she over-designs. Sandra replies that you would never know that from her design for this challenge. Michael says she learned how to edit.

They sigh when they get to Emily. Michael says the placement of the ruffles was really unflattering. Nina says that she has no comment, which provokes gasps from everyone. That girl is finished. Michael didn't like Keith's design. Sandra thinks that he should have gone with grays or blacks to manifest the magazine thing. Michael doesn't think Jennifer is showing much of the surrealism that she talks about. Heidi says that she's bored and doesn't care if she sees anymore of her stuff. They have made their decision.

Commercials. Eighty-seven percent of voters say that nothing will replace "Make It Work." I think they were voting for the missing "C." We're back. Terri is in. Kenley is the winner! Leanne looks like she's going to cry. Backstage, Terri tells Kenley to relish it. She's crying and she interviews that she has never won anything major in her life. This is huge for her. It's a nice moment.

Leanne is in. Keith is in. Emily is told that her look was distracting and clich├ęd. Jennifer is told that her dress was boring and matronly. Jennifer Emily seems like a sweet girl. This is kind of sad. She disagrees about her dress being the losing one. She tells everyone that she's glad to have met them. Then she's off to clean her space. She says that she's going to take this experience and run with it. [Ed's note: Most repeated phrase number five! -- Lauren]

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