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Heidi says that she feels like the designers have been working pretty hard already. So Tim Gunn is going to take them for a night out on the town. Uh, yeah, that's gonna happen. Back at the apartments, everyone contemplates where they might be going. Jerell jokes "Disneyland." He interviews that he did let his mind wander and thought maybe they might end up at a nice dinner. Sucker. Stella has a firmer grasp on reality and says, "We all know Tim ain't taking a bunch of us to his house." But she still thinks maybe they might go to a restaurant. Still cold.

There's a knock on the door and Blayne checks the peephole and asks if the person has an appointment. He opens the door to reveal Tim who says, "Hello Blayne," barely masking the contempt we all feel for the little troll. Then, he calls Tim "Timlicious." Seriously. I can't. But fuck him.

Tim tells them that they are going out-- and it's raining. He does the same with the ladies and they are on their way. Oh my God, Tim is wearing jeans. There was a part of me that thought maybe he didn't even own any jeans. That part is, of course, dead now. Tim's wearing the nattiest black raincoat. I love it. The designers are all in orange or taupe ponchos. They don't look pretty. Kelli, in particular, seems a little indignant about the look.

Tim leads them to the thing you'd least like to be on during a rainy New York night -- a double-decker tour bus. Rayon, in his super-rehearsed clip-ready manner, says that when he saw the bus he thought, "What?" Blayne says that being on a tour bus, in the rain, in horrible clothes is not his idea of a good time. Fair enough. He adds that he wants to get "all dolled up and go out dancing." Soon, and I mean very very soon, either he or Rayon need to leave us. It needs to happen.

Tim explains that the next challenge is for the designers to create a look for a night out on the town, inspired by New York at night. So they're going to take a bus tour. Daniel whoops in response, which seems really unlike what we've gotten to know about him. He doesn't seem like much of a whooper to me. But he is cause I just saw it. Korto says she doesn't know what to think, and is really just worried about her hair right now. Just like Blayne is probably worried about his tan streaking.

So off they go. Kenley giggles and says that the bus is fun and like an amusement park ride. They pass the Dream Hotel with it's neon lights. I think it's a pretty hideous defacement of a lovely old building, but Stella really likes it. She says that she has lived in New York her whole life and always thought the tour buses were cheesy, but the experience of seeing everything from that vantage point is pretty amazing. When my best friend got married, all of her in-laws were in from England, so as a way to show them a bit of the city, a bus took us from the church to the reception, with a little tour along the way. It was pretty delightful.

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