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They stop at Columbus Circle, home of the Time Warner Building and my favorite Whole Foods in New York. Tim says that this is the stop for Rayon, Daniel, Leanne, and Jennifer. Everybody will have an hour to take pictures. Way to luck out there with the great group, Daniel. Rayon tells us that he has lived in New York for 15 years, he loves it, and can walk out onto the street for inspiration. Bully for him.

Times Square is the stop for Stella, Kenley, Blayne, and Keith. Blayne says that he's stimulated just stepping off of the bus. Wow -- to have to create a design inspired by Times Square. At least one that was pretty. My mind immediately goes to fanny packs, claustrophobia, and comedy club barkers. Kenley very sweetly tells Blayne that Times Square is "so" him. I love her for saying that.

The New York Public Library is the stop for Korto, Kelli, and Joe. Joe likes this spot because they have clear views of Grand Central and the Chrysler Building. Um, I'd suggest staying away from the Chrysler Building.

Terri, Emily, and Jerell are dropped off in Greenwich Village. Emily takes a picture of a bank and says, "I was inspired by money."

Back at Columbus Circle, we see Jennifer taking a picture of a huge clock. It reminds her of the saying that New York is the city that never sleeps. Daniel says that he's in his element. He takes a photo of a woman walking and her shadow reflects on the wet sidewalk, creating a halo effect.

Stella is having problems using her camera. She's asking everyone a bunch of questions. She finally seems to get the hang of it. The crew at the Library looks like they're having an easier time. Kelli sees a fire hydrant that's black and silver. It has a Mad Max look to her, so she's going to go with it. We don't need another hero, Kelli.

In the Village, we see Emily's photo. It's of a stop sign and there are streaks of light in the photo. She interviews that the photo captures movement and energy. Terri finds some graffiti on 7th and Barrow Street (Where my play is! I know, I hate myself.) She takes a blurred photo, because it seems more abstract to her. More Terri. I want. Emily goes to a sex shop to "take pictures."

It's let's-hear-about-Keith time. As he's taking pictures, we hear that he's from Salt Lake City, from a family of practicing Mormons. Growing up there was really difficult for him. He has thought about moving to New York because he wants to be known by the world, not just Salt Lake City. Dude, there are places in between too. Detroit would be more hospitable. Oklahoma City? Seriously, I'm not even being facetious. I'm sure it's lovely and some people really like living there, but a gay, tattooed fashion designer in Salt Lake City? I'd have an easier time being the President of the College Republicans in Berkeley. Kenley tells Stella and Blayne that Keith is being crazy and competitive. Moments later, Keith steps in front of Stella to take a photo and it pisses her off. Keith interviews very solemnly that the "negative energy" that he is getting from Stella and Kenley is ridiculous. But he doesn't care because he's not here to make friends. Mmm, I haven't heard that one in a while. Welcome back, third most repeated phrase in all of competitive reality television behind "stepping up to the plate" and "thrown under the bus." So, Keith. I feel bad for him because of all the SLC drama, but he's a little socially awkward, no?

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